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I signed up a million years ago but really did nothing after that. I am, once again, on a weight loss/fitness attempt and think that this may help me, but I am not even sure where I fit in. I don't know what I like yet. I don't have a workout plan yet. I don't have much planned out aside from 1 - a gym membership and 2- calorie counting on myfitnesspal. I'm 32/F and live in Pittsburgh. I'm married and have two cats, no human kids. I have lost ~15# so far by calorie counting, but want to supplement with working out to get toned/in shape as well as the weight loss. My husband and I started hiking last year and this year are hoping to do some backpacking trips, I am an avid knitter, and I love reading. I work in customer service for an insurance company and am on a bowling league every other week. I'm not sure where to start. I need a plan for when I go to the gym. I was thinking of doing cardio 2/3 days a week and maybe strength training other days? I'm not sure. I also have fibromyalgia so need to take that into consideration with my plan. Hmm... Oh! We started getting into board games in the past couple of years. I love Scythe. Also, I've rediscovered Zelda on WiiU, although I haven't played in a few weeks. 


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