Hi, I'm Zeroh, one of the guild leaders for the Rebels! For those that don't know me, here's a bio:     On to the second challenge of 2018! I'm continuing with the format from last challenge, with some changes to the goals.     Old version:   Guide One: Wolf  Improve physical strength. - Daily Dare. Complete the daily dare five days a week (Up one from last time.) - Push-ups. Do 140 100 push-ups a week. Incline push-ups around desk height count as a quarter point (0.25). Incline push-ups around one to two feet count as a half point (0.5). Push-up negatives count as three quarters of a point (0.75). And standard push-ups are one point (1). Wall and knee push-ups don't get any points (0).   Guide Two: Toad Improve inner strength. - Compassion. I really need to work on being nice to myself. This is something that comes up in therapy all the time. So the goal is, six five times a week, write down a statement that reflects self-compassion. If I'm having trouble coming up with something myself, it's totally okay to ask google. The important part is writing it down. My old bullet journal has about 40 pages left, so that's enough to dedicate each page to one statement.  - Decompression. I don't think I need to tell anyone here how bad stress is for you on so many levels. So, this is about trying to manage stress levels. Originally, it was going to be very broad. But then I kept looking at that pile of unread books. So, more specifically this goal is to read five times a week.    Guide Three: Peacock Improve physical self-care. - Hydration. Stay properly hydrated six days a week. I'm tracking this using Plant Nanny. (Up one from last time.) - Brush & Floss. Brush and floss six five days a week. (Up three two from last time.)   Guide Four: Wasp Improve productivity. - Unfuck. Using the Unfuck Your Habitat (UfYH) app, unfuck my apartment four times a week. (Up one from last time.) - Tomato. Using the pomodoro technique, sit down four times a week and work on something related to my photography business.   Maintenece  Don't lose progress. This goal takes four previous goals that I want to ensure become habits: Updating my thread, checking-in on NF, skin care, and no snooze. Added: take medicine on time. Each goal is worth one point for each day I do it, aiming for a combined total of 24 30 points a week.    Scoring All goals except maintenance have a passing grade of 60%, and a reward grade of 80%. Maintain has a passing grade of 75% and a reward grade of 90%.   Overall, a passing grade is 60%, and if I get 90% I get an even bigger and better reward. However, each goal is weighted to calculate the overall percentage:  - Daily Dare: 8.75% - Push-ups: 10% - Compassion + Decompression: 18.75% - Hydration + Brush & Floss: 18.75% - Unfuck + Tomato: 18.75% - Maintain: 25%   And I'm starting today, with zero week being a test run. If something isn't working (goals or math), this week is the time to change it!   Edit: One last note, my birthday is near the end of the challenge.