Hello Rebels! I'm back(? never left) and ready to go after a new challenge! Who's with me?!    A quick bio for those of you who don't know me:    Now on to the fun part! My goals this challenge period. I have some.    Eating: In addition to last challenge's continuing goals of visiting the grocery store once per week and making 4/5 weekday breakfasts for myself, this period I'm doing a kind of weird flax challenge. One tbsp freshly ground flaxseed 4/5 weekdays. Let's just see how it goes.  Eating2: Second goal is "do not buy food I know is crap." I can still eat it if someone gives it to me, but I can't bring more into my life on purpose.    Yoga: I am still working on my C25K program, but I am adding a yoga practice because I am stiiiiiiff and it's terrible. So: on C25K mornings, do AT LEAST ONE Sun Salutation. On other mornings, as lengthy a yoga program as desired of no shorter than 10 minutes. Goal is six days a week, but seven is of course preferable. I also have an hourly alarm set reminding me to get up and either stretch or walk around for five minutes.    FSF: Finish Shit February is a LUYL challenge designed to incentivize finishing ongoing projects in the month of February. I am not aiming to finish something every day because that would be ridiculous, but here is an incomplete list of some of the projects I am working on this month:  Paint By Numbers Rebel Minis -- prepare at least three  Nonfiction -- I have a one book per month goal this year AMTRAK Trip (plan it, don't actually go) Fanfiction -- I have a couple ongoing projects but there's one in particular I really want to finish   That should be enough to keep me busy. Here we go!