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Grumble investigates a Murder on the Gastroport Limited


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5 hours ago, GodzillaKong said:




It's never too late to refocus. Glad you're feeling better. You got this.


This came up under "small ya later tattoo" search. (I search simpsons tattoos a lot...)



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Closing out the challenge.

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So, after some soul searching and getting right in my head, I am still not happy with the way things turned out. I'm 267-269 on any given day, which isn't where I want to be, or where I was, but its not the worst. I did find my body tape, which measured me at 40" around the middle at my belly button. This is the smallest I've been in probably 8 years. Super happy about that, but still stuck on that weight, so, it's mitigated joy. It could be worse, I could be dead.

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The Year of Clean had a major breakthrough Saturday. While grimble was down for quiet time, mrs G and I went into the garage/office/man cave and started cleaning it. We got a lot of stuff moved/removed/donated/thrown away. It's easily the cleanest it's been since we moved in. Actually wanted to spend time down there again. Also working on the wife getting rid of some high school posters she's holding on to for some reason. I'm cobbling together a negotiation package.

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Finally. I'm closing out things to do with the commonplace book as it exists in a challenge format. It's completed. Good to go. Knocked out of the park. 


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On to the next adventure challenge!

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"You're going to be amazing." 

Fantasy Football league 2019

The Grumble Battle Log




Games: God of War, Kingdom Hearts 3, Destiny 2

Level 15  Wookie Warrior

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