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Inch Worm Form Check

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Unfortunately, I'm not in a position to take a video right now. If it's needed I'll try getting one in the next day or so.


I started with the academy about a month ago and placed into level 2 exercises. I feel like I'm progressing nicely with each of the exercises except Inch Worms which actually feel like they have gotten harder to do.


Last week I found out that I was doing wall slides wrong (not pulling my shoulder blades together) as I moved my arms up over my head which made the exercise significantly easier. I am starting to think the reason I may be struggling with Inch Worms may be similar (not engaging a muscle group I should). The following is what I experience throughout the movement, is something here wrong? If I am using the right muscles can you suggest body weight movements to strengthen my biceps and shoulders to be able to properly do this movement?


Starting Position - Bend at hip, control decent with back


Doubled Over - Weight on feet, stretch of the calves and hamstrings


Walk Out - Upper body weight bared by shoulders (Mostly on palms)


Fully Extended - Upper body weight bared by top outer bicep and abdomen


Walk Back - Upper body weight bared primarily by top outer bicep (fairly uncomfortably) and secondarily by forearms and shoulder (Mostly on finger tips)


Doubled Over - Weight on feet, stretch of the calves and hamstrings


Standing - Torso lifted by lower back and supported by abdomen

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Inch worms should be a lot of engaging your core (keeping a tight stomach and lower back). Your descriptions sound about right -- which sections are you finding feeling off or especially difficult? How are your high planks (such as the top of your push-up position) in general? I don't personally feel like you should be feeling much in your biceps while in this position unless they are very tight for some reason. 

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What I'm struggling with is walking my hands back to my feet. Pushing off the ground to walk my hands and upper body back is difficult to the point of mild pain about 2/3 the way up my left bicep specifically on the outer side of my arm.


My high (extended arm) planks are about 10 seconds better than my bent arm (elbow) planks (30-40 seconds vs 20 -30 seconds). I have been ending my elbow planks because my shoulders are giving out not my core. The extended arm planks I can actually go until my core can't hold without really feeling it in my arms or sholders. I think the difference has to do with the angle of force on my shoulders but I haven't really looked into it yet.




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