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Hi! I’m Radost and I’m new-ish, but I think I have these challenges figured out, at least in terms of the forum posting aspect. The goal-achieving aspect is still a work in progress, but that’s why I’m here, right?  My main nerdy nerddoms are fibrecrafts, board games, and rpgs, though I dabble in all things geeky except cosplay and MtG, and I’m a committed runner and cyclist trying to diversify into strength training. 


After seeing a friend’s photos of running through the shallows of a local lake at the Gunner Shaw Memorial race this past fall, I’m thinking it’s time to actually register in a local race.  I’ve done a couple virtual races through Zombies, Run! and mostly I like that because the idea of finding my way through a press of people with various paces, not to mention the possibility of other runners trying to start a conversation, sounds like the opposite of my ideal running experience. But I love making my run into an epic tale of Human Vs. Environment (ask me about the time I ran on a beach in a hailstorm) and it’s fun to have something to train for. 


My goals for this challenge are:



dinners where half my plate is veggies 5 days a week (pass=70%)

no sugar in my afternoon coffee 7 days a week (pass=85%)

no sweet snacks 1 workday a week, currently aiming for Mondays (pass=100%) 



run, strength train, yoga once each per week (pass=66%)

two challenge runs during these 4 weeks: either 10k+ in length or challenging terrain (pass=100%)



meal plan so that none of my side hustle money has to be shunted into the grocery budget (pass=75%)

Konmari either craft supplies or books & dvds (pass=100%)

fold laundry within 48 hours of retrieving it from the dryer (I start with 100% and deduct 5% for each lingering load; pass is 80%)






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5 hours ago, Radost said:

I’m embarrassed to admit that I haven’t yet done laundry since the challenge started because I still have a basket hanging around from before and I’ve told myself I need to deal with that first. >.<


lol, we should call this Laundry Confidential or something... i only do my laundry every other sunday so it's like a whole day affair. i run a lot so i have to do workout and work clothes. i hang them to dry except for bedsheets and towels. strangely, all my dry clothes enjoy piling up together on the bed in the second bedroom. these are from  some sundays ago. hmmm never thought laundry could contribute to my handstand goal 'though...


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On 2/15/2018 at 7:44 PM, darna said:


lol, we should call this Laundry Confidential or something... i only do my laundry every other sunday so it's like a whole day affair

My sweetie does it that way too.  If I had a whole day a week that I could expect to be home and not working, I might try it out???  But instead I fit it in randomly when I can, almost invariably on the same day my roommates do, despite trying pretty hard to avoid that...


Speaking of which, I better go retrieve a load from the dryer.  48 hours officially starts now.  





On 2/15/2018 at 7:44 PM, darna said:

hmmm never thought laundry could contribute to my handstand goal 'though...



Sometimes I use laundry time to work on isometric exercises like squats and kegels, but this is just ridic. :lol:

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First week roundup

  • Veggie-heavy dinners: 5/5 pass!
  • Sugar-light coffees: 6/7 pass!
  • Sweet-free afternoon: pass! And holy shit was it hard! But hopefully the next one will be easier and I can gradually get a handle on my workday snacking. 


  • Strength/run/yoga: 2/3 pass!
  • Challenge run Y/N: Y! Biggest challenge was the crazy wind (around 60km/h) and temperatures just above freezing but I also chased every hill near my path. Mini-challenge lengthwise too, as I made 9k instead of my usual 7.5-8. 


  • On budget for groceries Y/N: Y
  • Konmari crafts or entertainment Y/N: N
  • Laundry status: 100%...for now...I have a basket that has to be folded before work to keep it that way. Ugh. 
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Second week roundup:


Veggie-heavy dinners: 6/5 super pass!

Sugar-light coffees: 5/7 fail

Sweet-free afternoon: pass


Strength/run/yoga: 2/3 - missed my run due to an unexpected and rare chance to spend a morning with my sweetie...not gonna apologize too hard for that one

Challenge run Y/N: N


On budget for groceries Y/N: Y - I’m so happy to have made it this far. Groceries are a major spending issue for me so finishing the month on-budget without shuffling things around is huge!

Konmari crafts or entertainment Y/N: N

Laundry status: 85%...eep. I tried to fit it in around work on Saturday but clearly I need to change something else because the laundry got clean but still isn’t folded. 

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Third week roundup 


Veggie-heavy dinners: 4/5 fail :frown-new: But I made Saturday and Sunday dinners like 75% veg so I’m still basically a good person. 

Sugar-light coffees: 6/7 pass!

Sweet-free afternoon: Y


Strength/run/yoga: 3/3 pass!

Challenge run Y/N: Y! I ran through the solar system in 10k and even managed a slightly-faster-than-my-average time! Which was good because as it was I got home with not much time to tidy the house before my vocal ensemble-mates descended upon it for rehearsal.  This challenge run also means I’m on track to exceed my goal of 2/4 weeks, since I’m planning to Run The Deep next weekend, also a 10k. 


On budget for groceries Y/N: Y

Konmari crafts or entertainment Y/N: N

Laundry status: 85%, holding steady

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I was thinking about junior high school today, how part of our PE was an approximately 2k run. I was slow; I went from running the route in about 19-20 minutes to about 16 at peak running. I had a tall, skinny friend who regularly ran probably about 5k or a bit under with his family; he ran around that school block twice in about 11-12 minutes. Of course he got a better grade on the fitness unit than I did, even though I measurably improved and he simply maintained, but hey, that’s PE for you. 


Anyway, on the 7.5-8k route I typically take, my average (which includes time spent waiting for traffic lights) is now usually around 6:15-6:30/km. On the trail, I regularly get down below 6 minutes/km. So 35-year-old me could actually keep up with 14-year-old A, nevermind the 6” height difference. I give myself a retroactive A in PE for this term. Now if only I can keep it together to also get an A on this challenge...

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Final week roundup 


Veggie-heavy dinners: 7/5 SUPER pass!

Sugar-light coffees: 6/7 

Sweet-free afternoon: Y


Strength/run/yoga: 2/3

Challenge run Y/N: Y


On budget for groceries Y/N: Y

Konmari crafts or entertainment Y/N: N

Laundry status: 85%


for the challenge overall


Veggie-heavy dinners: pass!

Sugar-light coffees: pass!

Sweet-free afternoon: pass!


Strength/run/yoga: pass!

Challenge run Y/N: super pass!


On budget for groceries Y/N: pass!

Konmari crafts or entertainment Y/N: fail.

Laundry status: pass!

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