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So i'm planning on starting a 6 month workout challenge (to start me off) with gaining muscle mass. I'm fairly skinny, not that unsporty with 1,83cm and 80,4kg. 

My meal plan would consist of approximately 3000 kcal per day. Clean eating.

Workout would be as follows: I start my training with 10 minutes on a rowing machine to war me up, followed by strength training.

Day 1, Legs:

Leg Press

Leg extensions

Thigh abductors

Thigh adductors

Leg curls


Day 2: Back and Abs

I'd do Chest and Back machines, which would be 3 for each in my Gym.


Day 3: Biceps, Triceps and Chest

Again i'd go for the machines, 1 biceps, 1 triceps and 4 chest


I'm sorry right now i can't name them, i will look into it more but i have to study about now.


I'd do three days on, one day off workout.

Next three days i would go for functional workouts, with free weights and body weight. 
I love pull ups and push ups, but i don't know much about all that, and i just know a few exercises. 
My plan is to do one or two courses in those 3 days funcionality training like "body pump" or "functional" that my gym offers, those give you a full body workout in about 45 minutes.
I would like to hear thoughts on that if its a good programm to start off with (i would probably stick to this for the course of 6 months).


Kind regards, Duros. 


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in the start it would be enough to just work out 3 times pr week while using the entire body.


focusing on compound exercises


doesn't matter if its with weights, bodyweight/machines or a mix.



a squatting and a lunging movement.

a pull in both horizontal and vertical (fx pull-ups and seated row)

and then 1-2 pushes.


push-up + shoulder press etc.


remember less is more, and simplicity wins the race :).


change rep range after 8weeks or so, but keep it simple :)

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And in what rep range should i stay? From my understanding 1-5 reps is for strength and 5 to 12 for mass.

So for the first 8 weeks maybe 1-5 reps to become stronger and then 5-12?

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I'll second the suggestion for compound motions.  Accessory motions are unnecessary for beginners, unless you're training for a specific activity that needs the extra focus.


Also, be careful with machines.  Most of them provide too much support, so you don't train the stabilizer muscles you need to safely perform outside the machine.  That's why most of us prefer free weight (bar, dumbbell, kettlebell, etc) and/or bodyweight exercises.


For rep ranges, I always refer to Strength Training 101.  It's a great read, if you haven't seen it yet, but for this question all you need is the chart about 2/3rds of the way down.  Just to answer here: 1-5 reps is a good range for strength/power training.  If all you care about is muscle size, you probably want to shoot for sets of 20 though.  8-12reps is a common middle ground between the two.


And if you want to try more bodyweight exercises, you can find progressions for most common movements at Start Bodyweight.

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3-4sets of 10 reps is a good place to start, if you just want to get going. 


and in the start you dont need to go to heavy, since you get results even with lower weights, which means you can focus more on the technique.

and abandoning machines is a good way if you feel secure on your own. They have their places, they are neither good or evil.

oh and if you are in doubt, just one hour with a trainer to get shown the basic will be a very good investment.



and remember after all, the best you can do is get going :)



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