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Hunt some orc


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Gotta love Aragorn's enthusiasm for tackling challenges! 


3 Diet/Fitness Quests + 1 LUYL Quest:

  1. "Dinner like a pauper" 5 days/week - I crave comfort food - way too much of it - after work, so time to change that
  2. Reach 12K steps/day - forces me to move around more; those numbers on my Fitbit are seriously motivating!
  3. Go for a run every AM - pretty much a habit already, but it's always more tempting to wriggle out of it during cold, wet winter months
  4. Limit work email checks to 3x/day - time to turn off notifications and stop the distractions; this is a big productivity-sap



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Solid goals! :D 

Raptron, alot assassin

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