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Cornelia; 2018 edition, chp. 2


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So excited to be starting the second challenge of 2018!


I crushed 2/4 of my goals for the last challenge, and am raring to up my game this time. 


From the last challenge I learned that one main goal works best, and then a couple little goals to round it out. 


Main goal: Eat more food!! Aiming for 1700-2000 calories/day. Goal is to weigh a steady 95 lbs at the end of this challenge. Gulp! Starting weight: 93.5lbs.


I need to pre-plan my food and make sure I eat throughout the day. 6/7 small meals or snacks. I think a good idea would be to plan out my meals/snacks and prep them in the morning after I do the kids lunches, since I'm in the kitchen anyway :-) As a SAHM, I'm in and out all day- so, I'm going to put alarms on my phone to remind me to eat. 


2ND Goal: Continue BBWW, but up it to 2 circuits. Also add in one more posture exercise. 


3RD Goal: Oil pull with coconut oil every morning for dental health.


4th Goal: Sew an Edwardian walking skirt.  This year I have no excuses to not sew fun things to wear. The only person stopping me, is me. So- every challenge from now on will have a sewing aspect. I was soooo pleased with my 1795 dress from the last challenge, I had the epiphany that I can actually do this and not suck! Lol!


Reward: If I complete this challenge satisfactorily, I will reward myself with a brand new Harry Potter workout tank. I really want one that says ' My Hogwarts obsession is Ridikulus!' 


Good luck everyone!! 


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Welcome, good luck and beef up! :)


Last year I did a bit of sewing... well actually most of it was just band patches on my metal vest and the occasional button, so I really don't want to compare my sewing with yours. But it felt relaxing while doing it and afterwards I felt good and proud of the outcome (the vest, not the buttons). Since the sewing of your dresses plays in a whole other league it must be even more rewarding. Anyway, just do it. Can't wait to see a picture of the result :) and the tank :D


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Lvl. 7 Human, (Lvl. 5 Assassin, Lvl. 2 Rebel)

STR: 13.25 ~ DEX: 6.5 ~STA: 14.25 ~ CON: 9 ~ WIS: 15 ~ CHA: 10

Current Quest: #9 - Finding the balance in mind and body

Battle Log

Finished Quest (challenge): #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #7, #8

Aborted Quest (challenge): #6



weight loss goal (92kg -> 87kg): |----------------------->| (currently 86.3)

waist loss goal (109cm -> 94cm): |--------->____________| (currently 103)

pull-ups (0 -> 10): |->____________________| (currently 0)

push-ups (0 -> 50): |------>_______________| (currently 12)

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Week 1 update:


Not a total fail, I did 2/3 workouts, and cut out my skirt pattern. My husband was away for work, kiddo got sick, and I am beat!!! (My daughter is a night owl and won't go to sleep until 11pm, but my son gets up most days at 5am!! DH and I usually switch off who gets up early but he's been away... gah!) Tonight though, he's back, so I really hope to get a night's sleep :-)


And I'm back to around 92.5lbs, which is where I usually hover. I've been researching a bit about ectomorph body shapes, and what foods to focus on to gain. Good carbs and protein mostly. 


I'm excited to start over this coming week, and work on my food plan. 


As Anne Shirley would would say "Tomorrow is fresh, with no mistakes in it yet!"

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Hey Cornelia, I hope your kiddo is feeling better and you've managed to get some sleep since your husband came back! 


What kind of weight gain are you aiming for? Muscle growth, correcting underweight issues, something else? Your intentions will have some relevance to the types of foods that will be most helpful in your goals. 


Good luck and keep us posted! 

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