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Drake Alexander

What a good scale can do for you!

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Hello there!



I had an old dial scale at my house. I started losing weight since January and I was tracking my progress with the old scale. I was like: Well, it looks rickety and dusted, but it will tell me what I need, right? Anyway, I was on my whey to buy a new digital scale to make a comparison between weights and find out if one of them was faulty. Also, I made a control test using a health store paid-to-weight scale to get a control number before casting old scaley to oblivion or regretting buying the new scale (Yeah, I know. Why didn't you weight yourself on the commercial one to ensure old scaley was faulty before buying the new scale? Well... It came to me in a dream and, I already bought the new scale :nonchalance: ) Anyway, I got my numbers and proceed it to test old scaley and new scaley... 


Oh boy! Was I wrong!


Turns out that old scaley there had lost its previous calibration. It was 10 POUNDS OFF!

Old scaley there was messing with my mind. I got the new one and test it ok. So, old scaly is there... dreading its future. But, I won't get rid of it just yet. I might found a good use for it, all 10 pounds off and everything.


And yes, I'm actually 280 lbs. now! Because... gravity.

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My mom bought a scale from a yard sale one time. Just as it was sold the spouse came out only to see it being sold. He said something like, 'wait we are selling that scale? I like that scale.' But my mom already bought it and walked off. 


We used it for years. For many years the doctor scale we had sat in a storage area to be replaced by this old analog scale. Through a series of doctors appointments I figured out that I could gain or lose 5 lbs and the scale would only register it as 1 lb. We tested it with weights and such and barely saw the needle move. We got rid of it and went back to the doctor style scale (why we replaced it I don't even know, space I guess). 


When it was discovered all I could think of was that disappointed spouse. In my mind he was able to gain some weight without the more health conscious wife knowing. Through this magical scale he was able to eat ice cream and not have to wake up early in the morning to go for a run. Haha I don't know if it was true, but in my mind this man suffered a mini tragedy. 

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