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What are your favorite weeknight meals?


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Most of my weeknight meals are not actually made during a weeknight unless it goes in a crock pot in the morning, is hot dogs or sausages and frozen veggies, or is omelettes.

My family (and my) current go tos recently have been crock pot korma (we use chicken breasts in it, but you could use thighs to save money, or the actual recipe is vegetarian/vegan), pasta/spaghetti squash and meat sauce (cook the spaghetti squash ahead of time to save time or throw it in the instant pot/electric pressure cooker for 8-10 mins), meatballs eaten a variety of ways (made on Sunday night in a big batch, frozen or refrigerated for later use).

I’m a big fan of “baked” sweet potato topped with shredded buffalo chicken and ranch (which is easy to make for it to be paleo), or chili, or (and my husband finds this gross but I think it’s so good) almond butter and blueberries and sometimes a little almond milk or full fat coconut milk on top of that. When I know I need sweet potatoes, I either instant pot/pressure cook them the night before and just store them overnight so they’re ready to be thrown together after work.

Also applegate farms hotdogs are the ultimate last minute emergency protein.

Here’s the korma link in case you were interested:

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On 2/27/2018 at 9:58 AM, Hypotheticalfox said:

but you could use thighs to save money,

We pretty much only buy thighs, seem to taste better


If money is an issue, try to find a cheaper grocery, when meats go on sale, buy the crap outta them and freeze what you can.


A lot of my "quick" dinners are skillet sauteed meats/veggies over a rice or something. Bigger meals tend to be leftovers from weekend (or I'll cook something huge and basic on weekend and reinvent it during week, like a big ass ham or roast).


If time is an issue, get a good old school pressure cooker, I've made spaghetti in under an hour from scratch (with spaghetti squash for noodles...see how I bypassed your little 'zoodle' rule :D)


But seriously, sometimes wife comes home and I've got typicals cooking in skillet (onion, garlic, mushrooms) and she's all "oooooohhhh whats for dinner???" and my response is typically "I haven't figured that out yet"

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