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Drake Alexander

If you had Super Strength for 1 day, what would you lift?

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You have been granted with Super Strenght for 1 day, what would you lift?



- You have the strength of 1,000,000 Steve Kamb's.

- Make out a story of why you lifted whatever you chose.

- Be creative! "Anytime you learn, you gain." - Bob Ross

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If I have that much strength I'm going to do a Farmer's Carry. I would lift my house and carry it to someplace warm and by a beach, preferably Hawaii. That involves an ocean swim too, but hey I'm strong so no problem.

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The trek was treacherous so we decided to stop at the foot of the mountain. My guide was nervous because that area was prone to wild animals and assassins. Every minute we passed in that area was like playing a game with Death and, the thing about playing with it is that you will never know when you lost.


We secured the area and built some makeshift traps. If an animal or intruder went to close, the traps could deter them for a while or scare them away. Either way, we decided to take a turn during the night watch. The silence was deafening and not even a leaf was moving. The calmness was unsettling and it was perfect for illusions and tricks pull by an active mind. I took the first shift. I wanted to feel fresh in the morning since we were close to our destination, a village in the remote parts of the jungle. Even though I had been preparing for months for this journey, the humidity and aggressiveness of the environment was unforgiven and mosquitoes were the front runners making our trip as uncomfortable as possible. One hour was left for me to hit the hay and rest for the day but a glimpse of light grabbed my attention.


The light sparkled erratically at a considerable distance but close enough to be noticeable. Quickly, I remembered my guide’s advice about assassins and I started to get worried. I was going to go to the tent but I heard a sound that chokes my heart still…


It was music. And not just that, the sound of heavy glass and laughter could be heard piercing the silent night. Was that a party? I said walking curiously. Taking a couple more steps, the voices of males grunting and shouting could be heard. My curiosity got the best of me so I started walking to the light. The glare became bigger and bigger until I saw a big fire. I went behind a tree and got closer to it without making a sound. I was right, they were men around the fire lifting bottles and shouting to each other. Their skin was dirty and grimy. Almost 20 men were drinking and laughing around the fire. The environment was filled with the stenches of alcohol and cigarettes. It was a pitiful sight.


Some of them were drunk already and others were sleeping in some trees. In a corner, a metallic shine reflected back like a mirror. I decided to go around to see it closer and then I discovered the hidden bounty. It was 10 containers align with their respective trucks attached to it. I was curious to know what was on the trailers so I climbed one of them. A sweet smell came from inside and some other hearty flavor poured through the metallic hinges. It was food. Lots and lots of pounds of food in the trailers.


One of the men walked away to another. I moved closer to see if I could gather more information. They were laughing and talking about all of the money they were going to receive by delivering all that foo. I thought for a moment that they were bringing all that food to the village but I soon found out that the opposite was happening. I was angry and wanted to do something but what?


I went down from the trailer but slipped from the top. I quickly grabbed hold of the trailer so I would stop falling. I was standing on the ground and the trailer with the truck was tilted over to my side. I released my grip and the truck landed heavily on the ground causing a ruckus. I was strong. Apparently, super strong. I could help the village!


I started to push the trailers together. The men were drunk and confused so I had time to get them close together. I wondered, could I fireman carry the 10 containers all by myself? It was now or never. I started to put all of the containers without the trucks one on top of the other. The ten containers were almost 150 feet tall. The first truck was holding the other 9. I went under it and lifted it using the proper form. When I had the trailers on my shoulders, I started to run away.


By the time the men came to realize what was happening, I was almost 400 meters away with the trailers. My destination was the village and today was going to be a good day.

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The light burst in, blinding the writer at work midst her cylindrical cocoon of books. Wind whipped and curled outside the library as another flash from Thor's hammer smote the tallest tree, tearing it in two pieces as Mjølnir shook the skies with an almighty crack!

Screams once human became animal shrieks as fear sent shudders throughout the shelves and chairs within, smacking into and breaking windows, skittering massive towers of books into the annals of history to be lost to all time.

Luckily Captain Devil Heart, heart of the Devil, Tasmanian beast of the deep southern forests arrived, shrieking and spinning violently, reversing the storms destructive polarities, delivering a quieting centre where a deep calm stilled the chaotic forces at play. The books settled, the shelves and the chairs stopped where they lay, the people sobbed. It was a sodden mess inside the library now. The writer peered between the shards of her window, she saw Captain Devil Heart, grunting happily, heading back home to her secret hole that no-one could ever find.

As the people began cleaning the mess, saving nearly every book and all of the people, the writer wrote this, recording what had happened for all time.


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