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Hi NF!

So, I was a regular way back in 2012-2013 but have since moved on to other fitness paths. But then I got an email about this great deal for the academy and guess what, I'm back! 


I'm now 29 (almost 30) and mom to a GREAT 17 month old boy (whom we named after a character from the Dune series. Talk about nerdy!). Unfortunately, I now have diastasis recti (BOO!!!) which means my core strength is not what it used to be AND I have to be really careful about certain exercises (no more crunches ever, but not sad about that ;) Anything front loading that puts too much pressure on my stomach has to be built towards very, very slowly. Which is frustrating! I want to do my planks and push-ups again!). 

As a mom I'm way more tired, have less time to exercise (yay for 20 minute strength workouts!) and oh, I'm also still breastfeeding my son (go super mom!) and I can't really keep up with my calorie needs. I'm still pretty active in general, too - cycle to and from work 20-minutes each way twice a week, and lots more cycling as we don't have a car (or license). Lots of walking and chores etc. 


In any case, I'm looking forward to jumping back in, both here and with the academy materials. I still love being fit and nerdy things, so I have a feeling I'll fit right (back) in. :D


Any familiar faces around? 

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