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Do i have an ugly body for a 20yo female?

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Hi so I am going to be 20 in May and as I am getting older, my body should also change, but I feel like I have never gained any curves or thighs since puberty. I have always felt left out because I have a inverted triangle big shoulders  tiny waist no butt no thighs body. I dont know what to do. Would someone please recommend exercises or diets that could help me gain muscle or weight in those areas. I would really like to gain curves in my thighs as I legit have a straight body and MASSIVE shoulders. I will attach pictures so that you can see and feel my pain. What do you guys think, what should I wear to hide this. Oh and also I have very skinny legs, I got this manly body from my Dad and he is shaped exactly like this, he said he had skinny legs when he was younger but later got fatter as he got older.i feel like a man, i am nearly 20. The only girly thing about me is that I have big boobs, which makes me look like a body builders. And i dont like that. If you guys have any tips it would be appreciated. Thank you in advance9EF6E4DA-38EF-4678-B24C-0F882D041A87.thumb.png.3005cdff816f75552f9910c89db023f2.png



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Look, there is nothing wrong in the way you look! You seem healthy, and with a swimmer body :)
Think about how many women envy your breast!
I have a similar shape, just more on the overweight/obese side.
I used to hate this shape, but now I feel faboulous. Mainly it comes down to fashion. For example dresses that are just above the knee fit me the best because of the line attracts the sight and makes it look more balanced. I do avoid skinny jeans (partly because of age) mainly because my feet are small compared to my height and build and it would really make me look like a triangle...
I would love to help you with exercises, but not really the right person for it...

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I've been staring at this for 5 minutes trying to find the words to boost your spirits but nothing is coming to me. The problem is there's nothing wrong to cheer you up about. You look just fine, and perfectly normal.  I'd love to see you move forward with strength training but focus on overall strength in your entire body as opposed to focusing on specific areas that don't need attention.


Eat right and pick up heavy things!(And all of that info can be found here) Get stronger. Feel good about yourself and the world will pick up on that and share your feelings. You made the biggest change when you posted this last night. Welcome to Nerdfittness. Come join us in becoming better us!!

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I fully agree with the above, there's nothing wrong with you.  If you really want more curves, start strength training and eating to bulk.  Staci is a good example of what you can achieve.  If that sounds like what you're looking for, checkout the Starting Strength or Strong Lifts 5x5 programs (more info in the Weightlifting subforum).  If that doesn't sound like your thing, you can get similar results with bodyweight strength training (checkout the Beginner's Bodyweight Workout and Start Bodyweight).


Another consideration (as mentioned by @Diadhuit) is that while jeans and t-shirts are cheap and comfortable, they're rarely a flattering cut.  Personally, I wear jeans or cargo pants and (often the wrong size) t-shirts most of the time.  But sometimes if you want to look good, you have to dress well.  So when I want to feel awesome, I suit up.  It can take some time to find the right style, but it isn't necessarily expensive.  Just take the time to shop around and try on clothes until you find the ones that look good on you.  Keep track of brands, styles, and sizes of the ones you like so you can find more like them later.


Alternately, if you have some spare cash, you can find a place that does custom tailoring and get a dress or suit.  Start with something simple and classic, so you can use it for years while you save up for another.  A nice black dress in a conservative cut or a navy three-piece suit, when tailored to the person, look good in any setting.  Then you can use accessories, like a handbag, necklace, and earrings, or watch and tie combo, to customize and add some color.

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I accidentally butchered the quote option, somehow.


Would someone please recommend exercises or diets that could help me gain muscle or weight in those areas.

Gaining muscle mass is all about stressing the muscles to a point where they need to be repaired slightly.  Not enough that you hurt yourself but enough that the muscles gotta adapt to being used more.  In addition you have to eat more calories/protein than your body would otherwise need so all that food energy can go into repairing and growing those muscles.  You can specifically train whichever muscles you want by picking exercises that use those muscles.  I recommend heavier strength training like powerlifting or strongman/woman over bodybuilding because you will have better levels of overall fitness as a result.  HOWEVER:  When you eat extra calories you are going to gain extra body fat.  You cannot control where that fat accumulates on your body.  Everyone puts it on in different spots depending on your genetics.  We have no control over this and should not waste energy worrying about it.

Also don't ever neglect the muscles that you don't really want to grow.  Body balance is important.  (example, people doing too many push exercises but not enough pull will have weak backs and posture problems.)

 I legit have a straight body and MASSIVE shoulders.


You say that like it's a bad thing.  It is not.

What do you guys think, what should I wear to hide this. 


I have been told repeatedly that I am not permitted to have an opinion on fashion.  Sorry!


If you do try any kind of systematic training, one thing I want you to keep in mind is that most men (as in, those that have matured emotionally) don't really get hung up on looks as much as you think.  Personally I care more about someone;s force of personality and confidence.  

I encourage you to try out different styles of strength training, find one you enjoy doing, and build confidence in yourself, physically and mentally.  It really does shine through.

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