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An unlikely hero comes forth...

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For 35 years he has travelled the world, searching for truth and meaning. He has ridden the storms of the 7 seas and experienced the beauty of numerous lands. Having trained in several schools of knowledge, but mastering non, he searches still...


... aimless, except for the constant drive to seek what is missing...


... without direction, but with a  desire to be better...


... borne from self-reflection of the innermost sanctuaries of the heart and mind...


... he comes. The time is ripe, his goal is sure. The field of battle awaits. Coming forth into a new dawn, he chooses a faction, a guild of brothers and sisters. Ones who, like him, were once lost in a world of self-doubt and misery, but now shine like the sun with the bright rays of strength and determination.


Now I truly begin my journey...



Hey all. That's my story. My name is Tim. I'm 35 years old. I have a wife and six children. I'm active duty and have served with the US Navy for 16 years. I've lived in constant flux with my weight, habits, and plans. I've been fit, then out of shape time and time again. I'm sick of it. Now that I've found a place where I can merge my love of fantasy with the desire to lose weight and get in shape, I hope I can stick with it. I look forward to meeting a lot of you and working with you toward common goals.


Main quest: Lose 60 pounds by 2019.


Basic quest 1: Eat for fuel, not for fun.


Basic quest 2: Cardio / strength training 3-4 times / week for 2 months straight


Basic quest 3: Yoga / Tai-Chi 2 times / week for 2 months straight.


Side quest 1: Earn Bachelor's Degree by 2019.


Side quest 2: Help someone else join the rebellion.

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"It is better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war." - Chinese Proverb



My Character Page

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