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Hello everyone!

Is anyone else out there trying to manage young children? I do great with breakfast and lunch but making dinner healthy and kid friendly is tough. I have no time to exercise/ it's not a priority. I get one hour after the end of my day, dinner made, cleaned, kids in bed and it's my downtime. Anyone else in this boat?

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There's some kid friendly healthy meals on the YouTube channel Tasty. 


And there's loads of healthy children meal recipes on Pinterest that are really tasty. And when all else fails, I'm old school. My mom always said, "I make the money, buy the food, and cook it up. You will eat what's put in front of you." And remember, if there is a lot of unhealthy food then you can do two things about it:

1) Make your own meals and have them ready made in the fridge

2) Watch your portion control, and only eat a small amount

Try also serving a salad with dinner first to fill up, and then eating a small amount of dinner. Drinking an entire glass of water also helps to feel full. I also recommend Trim Healthy Mama, and Keto dessert recipes (especially the cheesecake and chocolate cake ones!). If you have only a small amount during dinner and are still hungry then a good healthy dessert really helps out with filling up.

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