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Can not delay any longer

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I am Male, 22 years old, 185cm tall and weigh 110kg.


I have slowly and steadily been conquered. Over the last couple of years I have gained a lot of weight. It happened so slowly that I did not notice it until it was starting to take over my life.

I noticed it a couple of months back, when my clothes started to not fit me anymore, and my confidence has been slowly eaten away.


I have been reading a lot of books on self-improvement, and have been doing better in school and socially because of it. But I noticed that part of my motivation for learning guitar, improving my programming skills and other things, was that I could do these things instead of losing weight.

My weight also affect my confidence, and I hate looking at myself in the mirror now.

Recently, I have started to feel pain in my lower back, and a very sharp pain in my shoulderblade. I am terrified that I have permanently damaged my body, now my fear is driving me.

With something as pervasive as my own physical condition, I have been a great fool to neglect it from the moment it became apparent.


My goals

  • Remove the pain
  • Lose weight, bring me down to below 90kg
  • Never go back to what I am now

I have not listed improve confidence, as I hope this is a corollary of losing weight.


After reading Rules of The Rebellion, I knew this was the right place to come.

Rule #3 especially excited me, it reminded me of Chaplin's speech in The Great Dictator.




I hope to make great progress together with all of you.

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Hey! Welcome!  What kind of program are you looking to start off your weight loss??  I totally get the slow gain that creeps up on you until BAM there it is, but don't worry, it comes off, especially if you hang around the rebellion :) 

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Welcome to the rebellion! I totally understand you... it ain't easy... But we can do it!!! Are you joining in the 4 week challenge?

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First, of all, your fat is not taking over because YOU have come forward to change!


Good thing improving your mindset to overcome this. This step is important and it will help you in the long run. Pace yourself in your plan to lose weight. There's a lot of info online to help you set a plan to follow and here at the Rebellion, there's a lot of resources that can help you too. 


Onward and success!

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