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The Sky Voyager: Away Mission


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On 4/17/2018 at 6:27 PM, SkyGirl said:

Thanks guys ... I wrote to my advisor yesterday to let her know what I'm thinking and what I'm struggling with, and to ask for a meeting, and she wrote back today to say that she only wants to make sure that I make my decision with all available information and options. However, she agreed that I have a "clear" gift for writing and that she can feel me moving toward a career as a writer. So I'm hopeful that the meeting will be positive. I'm going to do everything I can to make it so.


That's awesome, best with the meeting!!

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2 hours ago, MattSkywalker said:


That's awesome, best with the meeting!!


Thanks Matt!! I'll post about it in my new challenge thread (which needs to be linked in my signature line, doesn't it? Silly me ...)

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