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Glad you had a good trip. New York is on my list of places to visit. Good job at getting back on track when you are home. Right now it's the hardest, push through this week and it wll get easier.

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No need to be sorry.  Life getting in the way happens. HOnestly, I have had the "Oh, I will check later/tomorrow" turn into "When did I lose 2 weeks?" before too. It happens, that is why we check on one another. To remind us of our goals when life throws a few curve balls.

That being said, considering everything you had going on I think you did really well. It is so much harder to stay on your goals when traveling and then the post travel "ick" that always seems to happen after traveling so far. I know I always seem to get sick for a bit after traveling. I am glad yours wasn't too bad as far as being sick goes.

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Current Challenge ---> Bean Si Vs Chaos No energy for a title

You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream - C.S. Lewis

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Just checking in. Things are going well. 


Working on getting my sleep schedule under control. Food is on point though.



04/10 MyFitnessPal - 1834 Calories, 13 net carbs. A little higher calories, but overall a good day.
04/11 MyFitnessPal - 1505 Calories, 14 net carbs. This is closer to where I want to be at for calories. 




04/11 - 2:16 am to 8:16 am. 14x Awake for 42 minutes
04/12 - 11:59 pm to 8:42 am. 18x Awake for 37 minutes


My wife wants to start up Keto, but she is still battling the post vacation crud. 


My wife got a cookbook Simply Keto. The few people at her work also got it. So each of them have been bringing in different things they made from it. A coworker brought in some Keto brownies. Even enough that they wanted me to try some too. My wife brought it to me when she got home. So over all it was pretty good. A little dry on the first little piece I had, but better on the second. Not bad carb wise either.


I also was telling my wife about some keto bread options I have found. Something for breakfast sandwiches (for me) and something she can have as toast or like a egg mcmuffin type item in the morning. Her normal staple is toast or English muffin in the morning.


I believe she is getting excited to give the Keto a try, and I am excited to be seeing a lot more things I need to try.


So things are going well. :)

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I am glad things are going well and that your wife is getting interested in the keto thing as well. Good luck with that and hopefully the plans continue to go well. Hopefully it continues to do well.

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Current Challenge ---> Bean Si Vs Chaos No energy for a title

You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream - C.S. Lewis

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Challenge recap:


Well, this challenge seems like kind of a push. On one hand, I did pretty good. On the other hand, I didn't complete my goals exactly. Still, I think I actually came out ahead this challenge.


I survived the trip to new York. I gained weight, but I lost it all, plus a bit more. So total I lost 14.3 lbs this challenge. Pretty good after gaining 12.4 lbs while on vacation :D



Weight - 335.4 lbs / 321.1 lbs = 14.3 lbs lost
Neck – 19.60 in / 19.29 in = 0.31 in lost
Chest – 52.95 in / 52.51 in = 0.43 in lost
Waist at belly button – 58.07 in / 56.73 in = 1.33 in lost
Bicep (L) – 17.00 in / 15.94 in = 1.06 in lost
Bicep (R) – 16.61 in / 15.94 in = 0.66 in lost
Forearm (L) – 13.50 in / 13.11 in = 0.39 in lost
Forearm (R) – 13.50 in / 12.99 in = 0.51 in lost
Thigh (L) – 28.58 in / 28.07 in = 0.51 in lost
Thigh (R) – 27.71 in / 27.00 in = 0.70 in lost


So I am on track with eating. Still Keto. Cravings were bad the first week I was back on keto. I almost gave in to have chips and candy. Stuck with it, and a couple of days later, the cravings all faded. Very happy I didn't give in again. I have tracked in MFP the whole time, except in New York. I only partially tracked a few days there with the Bitesnap app.


Exercise has been 100% fail. I haven't done anything. I still feel the urge to get something going, so in this off week, I am going to experiment with some things. I want to run, but I don't know that I am light enough for that. My body might not like it. I can walk, I just haven't been. I am, also going to look at starting some body weight programs. I need to get something going, besides just doing lazy keto.


My sleep has not been all the greatest either. I started getting it back on track, then would let myself stay up till 3 am. I have been reading at least. Finished book 4 of the Expanse series. Started book 5 last night. The one positive with the staying up so late, was it wasn't just me staring at the computer forever. Almost all of the later nights, was because I wanted to read longer.


Next challenge


I am thinking of a couple of goals next challenge. I think I want to get back into doing food prep for the week. Maybe even making all the meals on Saturday/Sunday, so I can just heat up stuff to eat all week. It worked well for me in the past, and made it super convenient for grabbing something to eat. It would be good to do this too, if I am going to help my wife get into Keto eating as well.


I've also been thinking of making myself try new recipes. It would work well with food prep I think. Like each week, try a new recipe or something.


Sleep will make a return next challenge. I need to get this under control again. 


Will probably have keto/if/tracking in still. Will have to see :)

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