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Teirin does Stuff

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Still logging here for a bit:


33 pushups

33 goblet squats

100 KB swings

foam rolling


Realized afterwards that I had not done the full S&S warmup.  Ooops.  I will likely not suffer much from the omission this once.


Enjoying RH again.  I may renew for another year in July.  Will see.

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4 hours ago, Kishi said:

So! Overall, how did the challenge work out for you?


I think it went well.


Workout is getting better and I was mostly active, though the last week wasn't great.  Insomnia always screws up workouts.  I'm planning on expanding the kettlebell workouts next challenge.  My hotel this weekend has a gym!


Food stuff:  did ok.  Not fantastic.  Going to be another ongoing goal.


Sleep stuff:  My book is not holding my attention and is being a deterrent to actual reading.  I've been reading some manga though, so that's something.


Vacation stuff:  all sorted!  Bloodwork is rescheduled and picked up the remaining stuff.  I fly out tomorrow! 


Concert schedule:

VIP M&G 5:00-6:00 PM

Doors 6:00 PM

Battle Beast 7:30-8:10

Delain 8:30-9:25

Kamelot 9:55-11:25


Nice long sets :-)  There should be time to hang out with people between sets.


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