This challenge I'm going to put more time and energy into workouts that are fun but challenging, and less into the ones that bore me and feel like taking my medicine.    I've been playing Assassin's Creed games and watching Ultimate Beastmaster, and the weather is turning to spring so I can play outside. I'm going to climb, swing, and fight like some sort of super-ape that is ... also an assassin? Sure, that's a thing.   For those just tuning in: I am a middle-aged librarian writing my first novel (I have written lots of professional nonfiction that has insufficient sex and violence and heists in it). I take kickboxing classes. I have a low-rent Ninja Warrior jungle gym in my back yard. I have a thing for rogues, thieves and assassins.   GOALS:   Brain: Write 500+ words every day Meditate every day Work on one long-term project or annual goal at work every day (I have a bunch of these, including applying for promotion to Associate Professor this year)   Body: 4 workouts per week, a combination of: Hanging/monkey bars based workouts with upper body and core work Climbing or bouldering Kickboxing Suspension strength routine and substitutions permitted   I'm putting less emphasis on cardio this challenge, not because I don't need it (I do) but because one of my long-term goals is improving my arm and core strength, and I want to intentionally make some room for that this challenge. I've been doing elliptical and rowing, and they're both good for me but they're dull as hell.   Climbing has slipped off my radar again. I think that's because it requires me to go interact with other human beings to get a belayer, instead of just doing my own thing like I prefer to do most of the time. I can boulder solo, however, so that's no excuse -- all I have to do is check out shoes at the equipment desk.   One-off goals to be accomplished during this challenge: Put up monkey bars in backyard gym Make or get a weapon analog (staff, practice sword, something else) and try it in a workout (h/t @Happienumber)   I haven't been good about goal tracking lately. I'll try to post a running tally every day or nearly so. The scorecard looks like: Write (X/7) Meditate (X/7) Work projects (X/5) Workouts (X/4)   CLIMB. SWING. FIGHT.