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[fireandlight] Shhhhh, I'm invsibile


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For the sake of keeping myself accountable I'm posting my challenge. I'll do my best to keep this updated, but I've learned a bit about priorities this last challenge, and while I consider taking care of myself a priority, stressing myself out about how I haven't posted isn't... So I'll get here when I can get here, and the rest I'll wrap in a nice little bow at the end.


QUEST 1:  Headspace and Heartspace

  • CRITERIA: Perform 1 act of self care a day:
    • Meditate for a minimum of 5 minutes
    • Practice at least 1 moment of mindfulness
    • Take a bath
    • Small prize: Complete self care 21 of 28 days
    • Large prize: Complete self care 28 of 28 days
  • LOOT:
    • Small prize: Try that fancy new shampoo & conditioner
    • Large prize: TBD


QUEST 2: Round is not the shape I want to be, Part III

  • CRITERIA: Work out Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday for a minimum of 20 minutes each day. Workouts can be shifted to other days if needed, but a minimum of 3 workouts a week is required.
    • Small prize: Complete 12 out of 12 workouts
    • Large prize: Complete 12 out of 12 workouts, with at least 4 yoga sessions (can be counted in the 12 or not)
  • LOOT:
    • Small prize: TBD
    • Large prize: Personal trainer


QUEST 3: Let’s get hitched, Part III

  • CRITERIA: Complete the following tasks by the end of the challenge. New tasks can be added or shifted as needed
    • Confirm FOB attire
    • Confirm FG attire
    • Confirm RB attire
    • Schedule Hair
    • Order invitations
    • Schedule 2nd cake tasting
    • Order wedding cake
    • Send list of names/addresses for the Bridal Shower
  • LOOT: None


QUEST 4: Flexible flexibility

  • CRITERIA: Complete one of the following each day to increase flexibility (5 minutes minimum per activity)
    • Yoga 
    • Post-workout Stretching
    • At home stretches
    • Small Prize: Complete 23 out of 28 days
    • Large Prize: Complete 28 out of 28 days
  • LOOT: 
    • Small Prize: New yoga mat
    • Large Prize: TBD
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Ranger | Level 2 

Current Challenge | Challenge TrackerProfile and Epic Quest

Height: 5' 5" | Weight: 156 | Body Fat: 27.4%

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totally on your side here concerning the priorities. Nonetheless if you have the time I'd be happy about an update. :)


Lvl. 7 Human, (Lvl. 5 Assassin, Lvl. 2 Rebel)

STR: 13.25 ~ DEX: 6.5 ~STA: 14.25 ~ CON: 9 ~ WIS: 15 ~ CHA: 10

Current Quest: #9 - Finding the balance in mind and body

Battle Log

Finished Quest (challenge): #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #7, #8

Aborted Quest (challenge): #6



weight loss goal (92kg -> 87kg): |----------------------->| (currently 86.3)

waist loss goal (109cm -> 94cm): |--------->____________| (currently 103)

pull-ups (0 -> 10): |->____________________| (currently 0)

push-ups (0 -> 50): |------>_______________| (currently 12)

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