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Time Rebels: The Dino Age!

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Congratulations Rebels! You've survived the Dino Age! Our top time traveler is @Bean Sidhe, followed by @Inazea and @Iceburner!


You've proven very good caretakers, and the Velociraptors are now the proud parents of an adorable little baby dinosaur. What will you name it?




Meanwhile, the Pterodactyls have unlocked the secrets of the Time Machine. Those of you in the team have a choice. Do you go back to your own time? Travel to another time? Or do you stay with the dinos and re-purpose the machine into a generator that will power a dome to protect the homestead? Or perhaps you have something else in mind. 



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10 hours ago, Iceburner said:

By the way, what kind of dino do we have? Is it a baby T-Rex?


9 hours ago, Inazea said:

It's important to know what kind of dino it is to find a fitting name!





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