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PositiveBlue - Respawn, Take....?


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After enduring nearly 4 months of non stop transition to end last year and start this one, stability has returned.  Which naturally translates to "How do I improve my daily routine?"

I joined the NF Academy for with the holiday survival pack and it essentially sat and gathered dust as my life imploded.

I've got two targets of motivation this year:

I bought a 6 flags season pass and I plan to take full advantage of every roller coaster they have.  When I went last year with my nephew, I saw two women have to get off one of the rides because the harness couldn't close.  I was terrified that I would experience the same thing.  I didn't but it felt too close for comfort and that was not a good feeling.

My other motivation: I am a bridesmaid in my childhood best friend's wedding this fall.  I picked my dress (we all picked same but different dresses) and I want to look amazing in it.  I know it is her day but I plan to look good in the pictures.


Fitness/Nutrition Goals:

1) Run 3x per week - 

    I like running and I bought the gym membership specifically for the treadmills (my home treadmill is good for walking only - unless you weigh less than 100lbs).  It's been nearly two years since I've been comfortable running and I miss my "Forrest Gump" speed.  I'm working back to that.


2) Weekdays; eat 1 serving of fruit/vegetable in the evenings / Weekends; 2 servings fruit/vegetables each day

    The cafeteria at work has a fruit and salad bar, so I'm eating fruit and vegetables during the work day but I want to increase the total consumption.  I've made it an iron clad rule to have vegetables with food at work and now I really crave salads with meals.  This goal is to improve on this.


3) Build and implement strength training plan, 2x per week

    At home I can do the NF Body Weight workout, so let's hop to it.  I also want to build a routine I can to with free weights because my gym has such a lovely selection, it would be a shame not to play with them.


Life Level Up Goal:

1) Positive Parenting - Special Time!, 1x per week/kid

    With one of my kids hitting his pre-teens, I've noticed an increase in his negative moods and behaviors.  He and I also have personalities that are a prefect match for hitting each other's buttons.  I believe in positive parenting and had a book on the topic.  I gave my copy away years ago.  Since I have felt like I've been floundering lately, I re-purchased it as a digital copy this time.  Just re-reading the beginning chapters has helped me with centering myself and increasing my patience with both kids.  In order to help rebuild and strengthen the parent/child relationship, the book mentions special time.  10-15 minutes of one on one time with each kid for as many days per week you can manage.  During the week this will be more of a challenge due to work schedules but I know this is an important item to add, so I am starting with once per week per kid.  Each kid gets 15 minutes of uninterrupted parental engagement.



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Hi, Positive Blue. How is your challenge working out for you?


Lvl. 7 Human, (Lvl. 5 Assassin, Lvl. 2 Rebel)

STR: 13.25 ~ DEX: 6.5 ~STA: 14.25 ~ CON: 9 ~ WIS: 15 ~ CHA: 10

Current Quest: #9 - Finding the balance in mind and body

Battle Log

Finished Quest (challenge): #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #7, #8

Aborted Quest (challenge): #6



weight loss goal (92kg -> 87kg): |----------------------->| (currently 86.3)

waist loss goal (109cm -> 94cm): |--------->____________| (currently 103)

pull-ups (0 -> 10): |->____________________| (currently 0)

push-ups (0 -> 50): |------>_______________| (currently 12)

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Week 1: Epic Bust



1) Special Time: Actually happened and involved some Minecraft and chasing virtual sheep.


2) Running: 1 day


3) Bodyweight: Sort of...30 squats after hitting the treadmill


4a) After work Vegetables: 1 day

4b) Weekend Vegetables:  Nope


Why the epic bust?

First thing Monday morning, I awoke with a nasty sore throat.  In a rare twist of self-care, after going to work Monday, I decided if the sore throat was worse on Tuesday, I would stay home.  It was worse, so I stayed home.  I worked a few hours from home but mainly focused on fluids and rest.  Now, what is important here is that I know my body.  I knew when I woke up with the sore throat how bad it could potentially get.  Tuesday was important because I chose self-care.  As a result, I felt almost 100% by the weekend.  When I get sick, symptoms tend to linger, so the early care is important to reducing that linger. 

Then Thursday rolled around and I had to leave early due to a fever spike in my boy.  Which meant more working from home (meetings on a headset are not so fun) and tending sick child.  Thankfully he is a sleep-it-off kind of sick kid, so lots of rest and he was running around by the evening.  Due to the timing of the fever, he couldn't go to school on Friday (24-hr wait period rule), so another half-office/half-work from home day.

By Friday night, I was 100% done with the week.

Being sick did 2 things reduced my appetite and exhausted me.  So I didn't really eat in the evenings and barely remembered to eat over the weekend.  And I had no desire to wake-up early to run any of those days. 


It's okay though.  Sunday we did good grocery shopping and this week is off to a great start.

Now, I just need to work in some more kid time with the big one - our minecraft house needs more wool and coal. 


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Last week I managed to hit my fruit/veggie goal; 1x on the treadmill and 1x walking about for 30 minutes outside; and no body weight.

I also slept terribly and did something to my knee.

Not giving up, just frustrated.


This week it will be 1 trip to the gym and I'll combine the treadmill and body weight there.

Veggies are a little hit or miss with 2 nights this week without dinner veggies.

Special time has actually been pretty awesome, my son volunteered to get up about 10 minutes earlier a couple times this week.  We chatted, made lunches together, and have both started taking Japanese on duolingo (he chose the language).


I'm feeling off in my head space this week but I'll keep sticking it out.

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