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Looking forward, not back


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Once upon a time, I frequented Nerd Fitness regularly but it has been so long I thought I belonged here. I'm 29 now and the big 3-0 is staring me in the face. I've made huge strides since January, consistently living a better life, and want to keep that going in a more precise manner. I am a teacher at a boarding school, so work stupidly long hours during the week meaning daily tasks have to total 30 mins or less. I get a life (most) weekends and in the wonderful holidays. My husband and I love hiking in our nearby hills, board and computer games, and Netflix. Black Mirror is the current obsession. 


Main Quest

Find long term health. I have a host of overlapping digestive disorders that have slowly been diagnosed over the last 2 years and continue to be pinned down by the doctor. I have done three months of strictly eliminating problem foods, with not even the temptation to slip up anymore, and never felt better. I'm not continually ill and tired! Time to build my life again. 



1. Try new recipies

Food sensitivities mean I have a very narrow range of 'safe' foods that I tend towards. Many are processed or junky (but they don't make me sick, win! So lets have 10 packs, right?!). Branch out with new recipes using fresh herbs and real food that won't hurt; do something totally new each week. 

2. Exercise daily

I feel better every time I exercise, whether it's interval training, weights, or yoga. Just done something, even 15 mins, every day. 

3. Keep the house clean and tidy

Messy house = messy mind. I know it affects my mood but am so lazy.... Do a 15 min tidy up every day and a big clean each week. 




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