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Schaengel behaves like a adult

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Or at least I try. ;)


After succesfully completing the longest respawn ever I wanted to start working on my daily structures more (this challenge was planned to improve my evenings) BUT live got in the way so this challenge will all be about doing adult stuff that needs to get out of the way sooner than later.

I will keep my year goals and will work on those as well. In part's this challenge is for those goals in other parts it's just stuff that got delayed for way to long. Also it will be a lot of work related stuff.


Quest1: "We're all MAD here"


This one is all job related. I'm unsure for quite some time now about what to do jobwise. At the moment I have a job at a biger tour booking agency in Berlin. We are preparing concert tours for hardcore and punk bands in Europe. It's a cool job because I'm working with bands that I like. The downside is that I have nearly no opportunities to get promoted because of the company size (not many personsn needed) and so I feel like I can't realy achive my full potential here, also the pay is pretty much garbage...

That lead me to giving myself a deadline at the end of May to decide if I want to stay in the job I have and under what premisses or if I try to switch work. Till than there needs to be a lot of stuff done. This month the following things should be done:


Analyse the options:

- Read a book about how to negotiate your position and payment in a company

- Take a look at switching career paths (Marketing or Logistics), do a SWAT analysis for the diffrent career options


Talk the talk:

- prepare a date and goals for talk with the bosses of my company



Be ready to walk the walk:

- prepare xing and linked in profiles

- update cv and other documents needed for job search

- take new pictures




Quest 2: "Take the right potion"


I've been puting of some health related issues and those came back and are interferring with my workouts...

- make appointments with doctor 1 (allergies)

- make appointment with doctor 2 (dentist)

- update health inssurance

- check out other inssurances


Quest 3: "to late, to late"


I started some projects at the beginning of the year but didn't ended them so since it's get sh*t done month now.

- Decide and host my blog (It will be about getting healthy and happy as a Quidditch player)

- start paying for the ETF (I put some money aside for bad times and it needs to be invested)

- get documents in order    Done

- tackle the to do list of shame


Quest 4: "Run to the hills" (Again)

The marathon is sooner than I think so I need to pick up running again


- go to tuesday and thursday running meeting

- plan training for the comming months

- buy new running gear

- start tracking food intake again (less weight is easier running at the end ;) )



So far that's it for this challenge. A lot to do so let's see how it goes.

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My Overall Goals for 2018:



-          Run a marathon in 4:30 (Status: Marathon booked for October)

          - make running a habbit again

          - do speed-work (interval sprints and all that annoying stuff)

-          Make Powerlifting a habit (Status: Gym found, form and technic needs a lot of work)

          - change Gym payment to automatic wire so money isn't an excuse anymore


-          Invest money for my future (Status: Planning at around 80%)

         - read up on the ETF

         - purchase a ETF

         - clean up insurrances

-          Read 5 books on finances

           - "Souverän investieren mit Indexfonds und ETFs: Wie Privatanleger das Spiel gegen die Finanzbranche gewinnen"

           - "Kümmer Dich um Dein Geld, sonst tun es andere: In nur 15 Minuten pro Woche zum Geldprofi"

           - "Antifragilität ‒ Anleitung für eine Welt, die wir nicht verstehen"


           - „Lean Startup“

           - „Das Kapital im 21. Jahrhundert "

           - „Investment Punk: Warum ihr schuftet und wir reich werden"

           - „Das Tao des Warren Buffett: Folgen Sie dem besten Anleger der Welt auf dem Weg zum Börsenerfolg!"

           -"Cool bleiben und Dividenden kassieren: Mit Aktien raus aus der Nullzins-Falle"

           -"Dividenden Investor: Die Krise des Geldes und wie Sie mit Dividenden ein Vermögen aufbauen - überarbeitete Auflage"


-          Decide work goals for the next 2 Years (Deadline May 2018)

-          Go to at least 5 networking events

          - Facebook and events "class"

          - eventsofa talk

          - Reeperbahn Festival (booked)

          - Most Wanted Music Berlin

-          Read 5 books that help finding a job you enjoy

           - " 4 hour work week"

           - " Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life "

           - "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change"

           - "Build Your Dream Network: Forging Powerful Relationships in a Hyper-Connected World"

           - "How to Win Friends & Influence People"

           -"Pivot: The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One"

- Magic Cleaning - Kondo

Alexander Osterwalder & Yves Pigneur: Business Model Generation
Ed Catmull: Creativity, Inc.: Overcoming the Unseen Forces That Stand in the Way of True Inspiration
Roger Fisher: Getting to Yes: Negotiating an agreement without giving in
James Gleick: "Die Information"
Maren Lehky: "Leadership 2.0"
Kevin Dutton: "Gehirnflüsterer"
Manfred Höfler u. a.: "Abenteuer Change Management"

Personal Grow:

-          Learn Spanish

          - talk to the receptionist in spanish

          - try to order a table/meal in spanish

-          Make time for Date-Night at least once per week (and try to make something special twice per month)

-          Use Nerd Fitness Academy

-          DM a P&P round

          - prepare write up and coming event in advance (1-2 hours)

-          Try Wrestling training

-          Start a positive & achievement journal

         - update at least every second day

         - start preparing SMART goals

-          Participate in more VCA charity events

         - check helper pool once per week

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First Update:

My plan for today was to go  to work and after that join the running meeting I read about.


I changed that plan this morning to staying in bed with a cold but at least read one of the books of my to do list (probably a travel guide for my Marokko vacation).


The bitter reality is that I've fallen asleep watching Critical Role for the 3rd time already ;/

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