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Pixie Princess greets the sun and doesn't die

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I am finding that the biggest road block keeping me from working out right now is a lack of time or poor time management (blast you animal crossings!). 


It is time to get my butt out of bed and get moving. Since my evening/bed time routine stinks right now I need to change that. Bed time is a firm 9:30pm with the privilege of reading in bed. My phone is getting moved across the room so I can not use it wile I am in bed, and a new alarm will be set.


All of my goals for this challenge will be a bit intertwined. 


Goal 1: Go to bed. Bedtime is 9:30pm. I want to be in bed at 9:30 each evening. This will give me time to do a little reading or journaling before I fall asleep.


Goal 2: Get up at 6-6:30am This will give me time to get in either a body weight workout, walk or yoga before the kids start getting up for school.


Goal 3: Get back onto my daily workout schedule and actually exercise. I miss it. What this looks like - Monday body weight workout, Tuesday - yoga/kata, Wednesday - karate class, Thursday - body weight workout, Friday - karate class, Saturday - body weight workout, Sunday - yoga/kata


I feel like these are all pretty big goals so I will be sticking with just the three this time. Also even though 9:30 is the goal time if I am in bed by 10 I will still be counting that as a win.


Time to greet the sun.





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The first week went pretty well. I ended up missing karate on Wednesday and Friday. Other than that I missed two workouts over the weekend. 


This week I have been having a hard time getting to bed on time (too much Luke Cage). so getting up on time this week has been rough. 


So far workouts this week have been going well. I did my assisted chin ups last week and they were not too bad. Hooray! Last night I did my body weight work out. I am on NF body weight workout 3, so lots of chin up and bar hangs. Anyway did a bar hang last night and it was way worse than the assisted chin ups. The bar hang ripped up my hands :(



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