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Late to be on "board" new 4 week challenge started

Dark Artemis

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Hello to everyone that reads this. 

I know that I am late posting but I wanted to establish what I have already started on in this challenge. Like always 3 health and 1 level up goal. To add what I have been doing.


My Health challenges:

1 serving of a green vegetable per day

No soda (okay I have been cutting back on this item and now feel it is the right time try to push this challenge)

Replace the previous with 20ox/1L of water a day.


Level up goal:

I need focus on having a fresh start everyday no screens after 9:30pm everyday


Like is said that I know that I am late to posting but so far I been doing pretty well on the my this challenge except with the lack of screens after 9:30pm but still working trying help create that as a habit.


Encouragement and advice is always welcome.

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 To define is to limit.~ Oscar Wilde

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Hi, Dark Artemis.

I just finished to define my goals in writing a few minutes ago, so... you're not last in posting what you want to do. Hope the challenge works out for you so far?


Lvl. 7 Human, (Lvl. 5 Assassin, Lvl. 2 Rebel)

STR: 13.25 ~ DEX: 6.5 ~STA: 14.25 ~ CON: 9 ~ WIS: 15 ~ CHA: 10

Current Quest: #9 - Finding the balance in mind and body

Battle Log

Finished Quest (challenge): #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #7, #8

Aborted Quest (challenge): #6



weight loss goal (92kg -> 87kg): |----------------------->| (currently 86.3)

waist loss goal (109cm -> 94cm): |--------->____________| (currently 103)

pull-ups (0 -> 10): |->____________________| (currently 0)

push-ups (0 -> 50): |------>_______________| (currently 12)

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Thanks to everyone who responded to this thread. I want to recap this with some lessons that I have learned over this last challenge.



1. For not drinking soda the lesson is always have a water bottle ready to be filled because sometime options can be limited. This happened to me a couple of times where the only beverage that was available was soda because they ran out of water or any other beverage that was not soda (curse you sugar industry :ambivalence:)

2. Set and let others know your guidelines so they don't get pissy when you do not respond back to them right a way because you want less screen time for yourself.

 To define is to limit.~ Oscar Wilde

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