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Pt 3: Down the Rabbit Hole...


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Down We Go...


So after another derailed 4WC (I won't even begin to list the reasons it went off track*), I'm late to the next one! 


But I'm keeping it simply. I've been on top of tracking my food, and I've been trying out intermittent fasting. Its going better for me than last (last time I felt myself feeling dizzy and sick in the afternoons and just before lunch), but I've found that cutting down on my coffee intake helps this a lot!


Like before, I'm using financial incentive. As the last challenge didn't play out, the £30 I put aside is still living in an envelope (somewhere..) waiting for me...



Track food intake EVERYDAY (and how you feel after the meal)

Intermittent fasting on weekdays

Plan ahead for holidays and travelling (whether this be prepping meals, or just being super healthy before-hand)



Using bullet journal daily

On this topic whenever possible (I'm going to be fairly busy this month!)



Everyday tracked = 1 pt  (19)

Everyday with intermittent fasting = 1pt (12)

Prepping for Holidays = 3pts x2 for Bank holiday/Wrestlemania weekend (6)

Possible Total = 37

Actual Total = ?




Complete the entire tracker, not missing a day = £10

40% successful = £15 

60% successful = £20 ( enough to buy Alice in Wonderland on blu-ray!)

80% successful = £25

100% successful = £30



* OK, I lied. One of the reasons is that I moved house and so have been without internet for WEEKS while we wait for it to be installed. Sucked not having internet, but did mean I got through a fair few Blu-rays I'd been meaning to watch!)



4WC 2019 : 2.7.2

“Get a dream, hold on to it and shoot for the sky.” 

-- Dusty Rhodes


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