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A friend of mine uses a natural supplement called bee bread (naturally fermented bee pollen). He contends it is very potent and beneficial for any kind of sports and a few academic researches I've found seem to support his thesis. 
I consider trying it as well, but it is not exactly cheap, so I am still doubtful.
Has anyone tried it themselves and if yes, what are your experiences and opinions? It also undergoes natural fermentation in hives, so could it supplement a paleo diet? 
Thank you.


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Pollen is high in protein, but if you're eating teeny capsules of it, that won't make much difference to your diet macros.  (The bees that live on it are tiny compared to you.) 


Before you buy it, you should ask yourself specifically what you expect the pollen to do to you, and how likely is it to give you the result you want.  Bear in mind pollen is not a FDA approved therapy for any health condition. 


Further keep in mind that since there's no FDA oversight, you will not have any guarantee about the purity or effectiveness of what you're buying.  They could be putting literally anything in the bottles you purchase.  Chalk, sugar, bone meal, ephedrine, titanium dioxide, you name it.  Most additives will do nothing.  But some will make you sick or kill you.  If you want to buy supplements, investigate the merchant thoroughly, and don't believe any wild claims that their stuff will cure everything.

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It would be so ironic if I bought bee bread and survived all those plagues, just to get hit by a meteor.:lol:
Apart from that, thank you for your the input, Raincloak :applause:
I am interested in pollen as it is (I really hope it is) fully natural, with no additives or preservatives or anything artificial at all. I was about to ask whether it is possible to manipulate the work of bees but actually nothing will surprise me these days. 
Anyway, I am recommended to take 30-40 grams of it per day for about two months and then take a month of rest inbetween. To be honest, I am in quite good shape now (6ft 3 and I weigh around 180lbs) and apart from the regular visit to the gym I also swim, climb and cycle. The reason I am interested in bee pollen is that it (supposedly) speeds up recovery and improves overall body condition.

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