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Tips on final pounds and maintenance

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Hey, Tks in advance for any help!


I've once again managed to loose some weight (15 pounds, thru intermittent fasting, exercise and some calorie restriction) and now need to loose  the final 8 pounds and then keep it. In the past , I’ve lost momentum about this stage, tend to loose steam and end up getting the weight back.


any tips on how to ensure I get o the finish line in terms of my target, and keep slim? 




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It gets harder the closer you get.  What worked for me was to set a date that I wanted to lose the pounds by, then work hard at it. When I got to that date, I hadn't lost all my goal, but I accepted where I was and worked at maintenance for  bit ( it was almost a year ) and then worked at losing again.


Maintenance can be tricky. You have to give yourself more room and work on sustainability, but not too much room What works best is to remember the things that worked for before, and keep at them. Exercise,and IF  works for you so keep them. Don't get into the mindset of now I can go back to how I used to eat. Your old habits caused you to be overweight. That doesn't mean you can't relax a it, and occasionally eat more, it just means as a norm you need to eat normal portions.. Did you track calories before? You can keep doing that for a bit, just to see what portions work for you.  Don't freak out if you gain a pound, but do keep track of the scale and your clothes. Once I lost the weight, I bought clothes that fit, and if they start getting tight, I know I need to lose. If the scale starts making a trend upward, I know I need to eat less.

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Hi Psicodom,


The activity of maintaining weight can be difficult especially after going through a period of weight loss. A key success factor I have found is building a routine that allows you to continue to be active while also keeping to a nutritious meal plan. One can splurge every once in awhile when you are just maintaining your weight but it is important to stay active and learn what your body needs to maintain consistency. 


Great job so far and keep going, you'll have those last eight pounds off before you know it!

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Get fit, have fun!

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