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Yari-naoshimasu... Yoroshiku. _| ̄|○

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Back from a hiatus that was both from giving up and too much going on.  (Rambly update in my Daily Battle Log.)


Anyway -- I'm back - again! -- and I think I'm going to respawn everything, including over on my Academy profile. I just haven't been active in so long.  On the bright side, having (re-)joined WeightWatchers, their new Freestyle program brings a lot of nutrition goals in line with the NF Levels. Other than nonfat yogurt being 0 Points, I think most of the 0-Point food list is at this point totally paleo. 


Anyway, my goal right now is to start getting things back on track (weight loss, fitness, finances, etc) and work on leveling up again.  

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