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18 year old weight loss help??

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Hi im a 18 year old male. im about 6`3-6`4 .weigh about 260 pounds. Im going to start working out. Going to go on a 1500 calorie diet. Because i want to lose atleast 2 pounds a week. For about 2 months. I want to lose about 20-25 lbs . But iam also going to start work. And i work for a landscaping company so i mow lawns, trimming and all that. For about 9-10 hours a day Monday through Friday. Is that alot of calories im losing? With work and going to the gym? What should i do?

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Honestly dude, 1,500kcal isn't going to do you any favours - you'll be tired, get sick easily, and generally feel like crap. Just guesstimating, I'd say your TDEE for a landscaping day would probably be 3,000kcal. Personally, I wouldn't ever cut more than 25% without medical supervision - for you, that would look like 2,250kcal or so, which sounds much more reasonable for a young large guy.


Focus on getting enough protein. That, in combination with weight training, will do as much as possible to favour more fat loss rather than muscle loss as you lower your weight. 'Enough' for you depends on your BF%, but the 'easy' way to calculate it would be a gram of protein per pound of bodyweight - that is to say, 250-260g/day. That's a lot of protein, and some recommendations suggest it could be as low as 180g/day instead and still do some good, but I always err on the side of more rather than less because it's satiating and excess protein is significantly less likely to be stored as fat, in comparison to fats/carbs. To hit the lower number (180g), that would be 1.5 cups of cooked chicken breast, 1 cup of cottage cheese, 2.5L of milk, and a large tin of tuna - EVERY DAY. To hit the higher number, you could add 2-3 protein shakes (I prefer unflavoured/unsweetened; mix it with some of the milk you need to drink, blend with frozen blueberries for taste).


If you ate something like the suggested above, and then focused on getting at least 4 vegetables and 2 fruits (easily done if you use berries in  your shakes) every day, you'd probably be in the right ballpark for ~2,300kcal/day, with a decent fat/carb ratio as well. This will result in something more realistically like 1.5lb of weight loss a week, but it will also leave you in much better condition nutritionally and hormonally than a 1,500kcal/day plan. If you still had the energy to do a bit of weight training, say a full-body 45min routine twice a week, that could help burn the last bit to push it up to 2lbs/week (SOME WEEKS!).


Fat loss is almost never a linear progression either, so expect to have 'whoosh' weeks and at least one week of plateauing somewhere in there. I'd recommend taking girth measurements (shoulders, biceps, waist, hips, thighs) rather than tracking your weight - you may be surprised at how 'heavy' you can be while still losing inches all over - and I personally think that measurements like waist circumference are a better metric for overall fat loss progress rather than the number on the scale (especially since it can depend on how much salt you had yesterday, if you've taken a piss recently, etc.). Girth measurements can also help tell if you if you're gaining muscle (eg. if you're losing inches on your waist but gaining them in your biceps and thighs).


Do remember, you'll still be growing for another 3-5 years, and while I understand the desire to lose fat quickly, you won't do yourself any favours if you muck up your system at a young age and then need to spend the next decade getting everything rebalanced - especially since your 20s are golden years for easier muscle gain and recovery.


Also important will be getting enough sleep (MINIMUM 8 hrs a night), I'm really not exaggerating that; if you don't sleep enough your body will start to eat itself (and not in a good way). You could also consider adding a daily meditation practice (helps lower stress hormones, which is good for keeping muscle), and a body awareness program like yoga or tai chi (not for fitness, but just to practice listening to your body, where it hurts and what needs stretching, to help prevent/predict injury).


Best of luck, go slow, have fun, and welcome to the boards!

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