Last challenge was an engine that kept stalling.    Side note : I got some driving lessons from my mom last week and at one point, I had stopped at a turning and the engine stalled and died on me. Seven times in a row. Eventually, I got out and switched seats with her so we could get out of other people's way and continue practise. #notfun   It sort of got to the point where I wanted to get out and let someone else drive for me. (See side note above) But that doesn't happen in these bodies, and I don't want to be stuck in auto-pilot. The way around that is self-discipline. There are many areas in my life that I would like to apply it to, but I'm going to go for one which might be a bit of a root cause - water. But also spy training.         Meraki Director of E.R.A. ㅡ 16 April 2018 To Infinity Zero, Your training with Hestia was subpar, but in conversation with both you and her, we have realised that you need more accountability. As such, your next instructor is Hades. He will be examining you at the end of each week and will expect more frequent communication and updates than Hestia did.  Also, a reminder that by September 10th, you will be expected to :   Be able to run 5 kilometers in under 30 minutes. Be able to pull yourself up onto a ledge Be able to touch your toes Be able to hold a plank for 2 minutes   All the best, Meraki       Hades Instructor ㅡ                                      16 April 2018 To Infinity Zero, You may have gotten away with just skimming the base line and not repercussions for your actions with Hestia, but you shall not be receiving the same treatment from me. I will be checking in every day, and will be grading you each week. Your performance by the end of this period will determine your grade for my portion. It shall also highly affect the way that I view you, and your treatement if your flighty dream of attending ERA does happen.  You need to step up your game, choose what to fight for, and work at it!    While with me, and then the next instructor, you will be training the C25K app (total of nine weeks). If it's not done by then, you will affect your standing with both myself and whomever comes after me. Additionally, you will be not be able to compete in anything related to a 5k until it is completed. If, however, you are on track by the time my period with you is over, you will be allowed to purchase something of your choosing.   Additionally, you will be maintaining daily goals of both the DareBee Dares, and a twenty second plank. Both can be split up into smaller increments throughout the day. If you fail to hit 10 out of 14 (combined), you will have to do an hour further exercise at some point during the following week.   I also want to receive your measurements every Monday morning, to see your progress. However, we will not work on your diet yet. That is for another instructor in the future. For now, it is about sustainable habits and developing the discipline you will need as one of our agents.   Finally, you need to drink 1.5 litres of water every day. This should help with satiation, lethargy, and mood. If you drink less than 7 liters in a week, we shall figure out an alternative.  If between 7 and 10 liters, then you cannot look at your devices between 10pm and 10am for the following week. If over 10 liters, then you are permitted one drink that isn't water  the following week.   In summary, Tri weekly C25K Daily Dare & 20 second plank Monday measurements 1,5 liters of water a day   I expect to hear an update by Wednesday noon, Hades