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Holly C.

Not losing weight or fat

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Hey There, 


my husband went on this forum and got some great tips so I thought I'd give it a try to see if anyone had any ideas for me.   I currently count my calorie intake visa myfitnesspal which has me at about 1,620 calories per day to lose .5 lb per week.  I'm almost always under this during the week once I count my exercise.  Work out schedule looks like this:


Monday - Piyo and 40 minutes cardio

Tuesday - Yoga and 40 minutes cardio

Wednesday - Body Pump (Weight Class) and 30 minutes cardio

Thursday - Turbo Kick boxing and Yoga

Friday - 30 min to 1 hr walk or 40 minutes elliptical

Saturday - Body pump and Turbo Kick Box

Sunday - Usually a Hike


I'm having a hard time reducing fat to look more "cut".  I'm currently (according to my scale):

143.2 lbs


24.7 BMI

28% body fat

103.2 lb fat free body weight

49.4% water

42% skeletal muscle

97 lb muscle mass

6.2 lb bone mass

16.8 % protein

1380 kcal BMR

36 metabolic age



Any tips would be great!!!


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If you are not (losing) weight than you are not in a calorie deficit. Try 1400cal to see if any changes happen there. Online calculators are just a guess and not gospel.

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Pretty much what @Jrulo86 said.  Myfitness pal (and every other site) uses a standard BMR calculator that gives a good estimate for the most people, but isn't 100% accurate to anyone individually.  If you aren't losing weight by it's estimates, you need to reduce your calorie intake more until you see the changes you're looking for.  Reduce your target by 2-300 cal a day for 2-4 weeks and track your progress.  If that works, stick with your new goal.  If not, repeat until it does. :friendly_wink:

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It sounds as if you have the workout schedule down, which is one key piece; however, as others mentioned it sounds as if your diet may need to become the focus area. 


When you count your calories using MFP, do you also track the macros? Are the calories you are eating clean calories? Are you eating 4-5 smaller meals/snacks a day?


Focusing on your macros while having more but smaller meals throughout the day will help keep your body full and the nutrients you need to keep burning the weight. One thing that is very important from your exercise is that you keep up what you are doing by varying your workout strategy. Doing so keeps your body from becoming used to your workouts by not pushing yourself hard enough.


Best of luck!

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Look at some other factors too:


Are you eating a lot of snack and carbs? If so, your body may not be looking to fat stores for energy. So make sure your macros include a good amount of fat and protein. There's a little data out there that suggest that women do better with high fat and aren't quite as good at digesting protein as men, but YMMV.


Are you getting sleep? How is your stress level? Because seriously, if you aren't getting sleep it's hard to see improvement at anything!

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I think you probably need to take a look at *what* you're eating at this point.  Calories in, calories out is simple but our bodies don't work that way.  There's hundreds of theories you can fall down a rabbit hole into online ranging from sound science to deluded paranoia, but maybe take a look at macro nutrition and eating clean.  They're relatively simple but require it bit more planning than looking at the total.

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