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Rainelf moves into unknown territory


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Found a suitable bench on my hike and did some incline pushups. It was on sloping ground too, so did 20 on the uphill slope - no problem - then tried 10 on downhill slope. Surprised at how hard they were!!!!! Lovely ridge walk today - luckily there were some scattered trees to provide shade, so I had to show my gratitude by lying on the soft cool grass, listening to the skylarks, watching the red kites soaring above ( beautiful birds) and reading my book.

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How was the rain?!?


Ah, laying in the grass.


I’m so glad to read your doing so much in nature. It encourages me.


And by the way, that’s a beautiful picture

"One should eat to live, not live to eat." -Molaire-

"People always forget their hangover" -My dear ol' dad

"People are born to live, while some are born to evolve." 

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Yes, I'm lucky to be going round such beautiful places. 

So, the update!

Diet - pretty much ok. Bit chaotic. Quite a lot of salad and veggie food, almost complete absence of cake

BWW - hopeless this week. Just been so busy ( and tired from 6.00am starts etc) and difficulty finding appropriate places that almost nothing done. Will try putting some more elements in over next few days

Hiking - still doing about 8000-10000 steps per day, but forgetting to enter on walk to Mordor spreadsheet. 

Butterflies - yes, friend exited that she saw at least half a dozen, some having dogfights in the air to defend their territory

Updating log variable because of difficulty accessing both internet and electricity!! Still following other people's progress when able

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Well perhaps I'll summarise progress on this challenge as 'ok, considering the circumstances....' I am enjoying my adventure moving around the country with my friend looking at butterfly habitat, but it is a bit chaotic...well....very chaotic! But beautiful!!

Hiking - I did get to within 75 miles of Mordor rather than 50, as didn't do as much walking as expected and did more sitting in the car. Have another month if this, so perhaps I'll be more organised in next challenge

Diet - pretty good. Largely vegetarian, but did learn to use a pressure cooker on campstove so will work out some more recipes. And deserve a pat on the back for the amount of cake I didn't eat, despite hours in cafes charging various electrical pieces of kit. Haven't weighed myself, but had to buy a belt to stop my trousers falling down 

Body weight work out - this certainly didn't work out as planned. But I did do some strength exercises and by the last week managed 60 seconds of plank over 2 sets, 39 squats over 2 sets and 40 pushups over 2 sets, which for me is an improvement. That would mean on angry birthday scoring got 3*** on all three exercises. Still haven't found substitute for reverse bodyweight row


Pleased I've stuck with it and will plan out my third challenge. Thanks for the encouragement and hope for your company along the next step of the journey

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