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AriatikStarr does the same challenge as always, but differently.


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It’s zero week!


My last challenge was focused on not falling apart, but I made so many goals that my head was spinning the entire time. I’m going to take a different approach and chill out with the 30,000 goals. 



I’ve started a program. Finished up the first cycle last week. Technically this week is my de-load, which means I’ll start my challenge with a new cycle. 


My actual goals for this challenge:

- make it to the gym 4x per week. 

- don’t be so rigid about what those days are. I have historically tried to get all of my stuff in during the weekdays, but now I think I need to be open to weekend workouts.

- push myself in the plus sets



Every challenge I make a stretching goal. I think instead I need to call it meditating. Every day I need to find time to just focus on how my body feels and not whatever is going on in my brain. If this means stretching, great. If it means just sitting on a yoga mat, fine. 



I was a bit overzealous on this one during the last challenge. This time, I want 2 hours of Duolingo per week. As a stretch goal, I’d like to find conversational practice. 



I’m changing this one up, too. Every challenge I focus on not ordering takeout or eating out. I’m getting better at that, but only out of necessity (still not gainfully employed). For this challenge, I want to focus a little more on macros... specifically protein. I set a protein goal in myfitnesspal and I want to hit that goal. 


Additionally, I want to get back into regularly drinking tons of water (at least 8-10 glasses while not exercising).

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@AriatikStarr Hey, where did you go off to...? 

Reading Challenge Thread 2022

“I've always believed that failure is non-existent. What is failure? You go to the end of the season, then you lose the Super Bowl. Is that failing? To most people, maybe. But when you're picking apart why you failed, and now you're learning from that, then is that really failing? I don't think so." - Kobe Bryant, 1978-2020. Rest in peace, great warrior.

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