Hello! I've just moved to Japan and am now settled enough now to return to Nerd Fitness. I've missed you all and I'm glad to be back!    Sakamichi is the Japanese word for steep roads (literally "hill street"), and my new town has more than a few. As it turns out, the town is basically on a gently sloping cliffside, a tiny strip of barely livable land between a mountain and the ocean. Everything here is straight up and down. Feels just like home!    I only just arrived in Japan about a week and a half ago but already the context presents significant changes to my former standards of eating and moving. Therefore, this challenge I'm not going to give myself any health or fitness related goals except one: pay attention. I don't need to make sure to exercise a certain number of times a week or eat salads every day, but just notice what I'm doing and what I'm not doing and what's different and what's the same and what, if anything, is changing as a result. (For example, my skin has mysteriously cleared up and become very soft since my arrival. A welcome but baffling new thing. Bath steam? Soy products? Rice magic? No idea.) 

So, in order to set myself up for future success, I will spend this challenge re-establishing a baseline. I will pay attention to:  What I am eating and how much (food composition and portion size)  When I am sitting and when I am not, and what I am doing when I am not sitting (phrased this way because my life used to be "go for a run and then lounge in bed all day" and is now very little sitting)  What I am doing with my time, what I want to be doing with my time, and if the two match (if not, why)  The environmental factors that are notably different and the factors that are, for all intents and purposes, the same    Some of these things will require daily check-ins, and some are more general trends, but I have an opportunity here to design my life however I want and being mindful of all of these things now will hopefully help me take advantage and make some good changes.    Wish me luck and please feel free to ask any questions that occur to you!