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Looking for recommendations on an adjustable bench

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Howdy folks. I'm going to be moving into a new house next month with a much larger garage. As such, I'm gonna be adding a hex dumbbell station to my home gym to add some alternatives to the power rack/barbell setup.


Does anyone have any good recommendations for an adjustable bench? Criteria are:

1. Adjustable positions from vertical to decline.

2. Little to no wobble

3. Medium capacity is probably good enough. I'm 185 and average strength.


Half the time stuff on the web just sounds like advertisements.


Also, do you think adding mirrors is worth it? Purely for observing proper form of course



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If mirrors help you, add them. A lot of powerlfiters talk crap on them, but I actually like them in front of me when I'm squatting.


As for the actual bench, can't help you there. My tactic is alway to just hit up craigslist and go check the equipment out to see if it fits what I want. What word of wisdom on the bench thoguh, make sure it's the right height you want. The one I bought for my home gym is taller than standard and I hate it because it screws up my foot palcement and leg drive.

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