I am writing this after bailing in the middle of last two challenges and after one of the worst weeks in my life: Saturday: two very close friends left the country, probably not to ever come back. Monday: after working to create a team for my sector at work, with the hope of getting promoted to lead it, a colleague got promoted (she is good though) and I am not even in the team. I had to announce that to my manager. My mentor got signed out of work for depression, his wife got a bad diagnosis, I spoke with my grandad who is 97 in a very rare moment of lucidity (he recognised me, yay!!) and we were both aware it won't probably happen again. Tuesday: My dad's aunt died (95)  Wednesday: at work they said the team I am going to be in as someone that puts too much pressure on people, the term "be careful what you wish for" has been repeated over and over and I felt cheated by my boss who said that and said a completely different thing when he explained what the team was. Also, this means I will have now 3 managers, when my struggles of balancing two were enough. I am thinking of leaving this company after 9 months, but if I do I will have to put on hold buying a house. Thursday: my dad's aunt funeral day, and I am miles away. Friday: good night out with friends (all in our 30s), but a 17y old girl lied about her age and we realised after paying her drinks (she was not drunk though), and it was nearly impossible to convince her to go home at midnight. Her plan was to get other men to pay her free drinks. She promised she would have gone home and I really felt helpless and guilty and scared for her, but without going into details I think what I did was the best with the cards in hand and that we were supposed to be there for her in that moment. I only hope she will be safe!   Now, this can only go better... I realise it's not as bad as many other people are managing... but it was a shitty week. I think I am better now as the sun came out and it's such a nice day.   Food: I'll check in with myself to know why am I eating and I'll ask myself if I am hungry I'll prepare breakfast and lunch ahead   Exercise: I do struggle on finding goals for now as I don't know what to do! I am training for a walk/run 5k the 13th of May early in the morning, and I have a dance workshop the 5th I'll continue meditative dancing and blues and balfolk as they work very well with both mind and body. I'll run one day/week I'll continue walking to Mordor I'll hula-hoop if I have time and the weather keeps good   Self care: I'll catch my negative thinking I'll try to meditate each evening I'll try to monotask at work I'll continue with the 36 questions I'll say no if I need to I'll get a pedicure I'll observe where I am more joyful I'll get career advice from a coach