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Hiking Fatty

Older, Fat, Unfit. Anyone Else?

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Hi! Wondering if I will find a cohort here, since I am in my 50s and way overweight and way under-fit. Seems like most people here have some level of fitness or have at least been athletic at some time in their lives. Not me. No matter, I have to start somewhere and Nerd Fitness felt right. People here are friendly.


Here's my Big Why:


Finally, after years of hating myself for being fat, ugly, or whatever other modifier I could throw at myself, I decided to love myself as I am.


The problem is, I resigned myself to loving myself as I am. I gave up all hope of ever looking better or being fit. I feel very embarrassed about how I look. I used to be very thin and somewhat attractive, and now I am fat and I never will be attractive again. I’m middle-aged. I’ve had a fair number of life challenges. My body's shot from pregnancy and childbirth, emotional trauma, cancer surgery. I feel like I passed my prime and I aged badly, and that’s that. So I accept it. Sort of.


(Whew! Now that I have written that out, I feel like crying. Go figure.)


Recently, though, I decided that if I can’t be attractive anymore – as in, pretty and put-together – I can at least get fit. If I can’t look good, maybe I can feel good. I’d like to be able to do what other people can do – fit into a booth in a restaurant, keep up on a hike or long walk, ride a bike, swim for fun – anything physical. I want to ride roller coasters again. I want to go scuba diving again. I want to hike – a lot. I want to kayak and canoe. I want to maybe get enough courage to try something that feels really foreign to me – lifting barbells(!), trying a martial art, learning to dance. Maybe I could get up on water skis again, someday.


I see my mother, who is 87 years old and physically dependent upon others for her daily care. I see my father, who put on a bunch of weight in his elder years and now has constant pain in his hips and legs. I want to get my body into a condition that will serve me when I’m old. I figure I have until age 70 before I’m officially “old.” I'd like to be ready. And maybe if I get into some kind of fit shape, I will move “old” up to age 80.


I’ve never been fit for very long. Never been successful at sports, or exercise, or just having fun in the world. I hope it’s not too late. I fear it may be. But I will not succumb to the fear. I will practice believing anything is possible.


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Hi there. This summer I will turn (gulp) 53. I joined NF when I was mid forty ish. I had never done anything athletic in my life, and considered myself very uncoordinated. I had always been skinny until my mid thirties. Then I hit the weight gain. It wasn't a lot, just the  normal mid age spread, and I was looking like a fluffy hobbit. Joined NF, lost weight, started exercising. Now I am strong, and do things I never would have thought possible. Good for you for starting the journey. I love the list of things you want to accomplish. People on here are on various parts of their journey. But remember, just because you see someone doing athletic stuff, it doesn't mean they didn't start in a very similar place to you. I couldn't do jumping jacks when I first joined NF, because it hurt my ankles. It is not too late for you. 

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Hey, I'm new here as well, and I'm 57.  I'm fairly fit right now, although still overweight.  Everyone starts somewhere, sometime.  I'm focussed on trying to be healthier, have artificial hips so that limits what I can do a bit, no high impact so stuck with cardio machines rather than running.  Have some health issues that I can manage through better nutrition.  Guess what I'm saying is...you're not alone.  Reach out if you need to for support and encouragement. 

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