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Crime at Verne's Manor

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- Everything is set inside the Manor.

- Pick a character name.

- Keep it realistic.

- Pick one character's positive/advantage trait. Can be emotional or physical. Is first come, first serve. If someone picks a trait, it cant be repeated.

           Example: John - Charismatic / Strong

- Pick one character's negative/disadvantage trait. Can Is first to come, first serve. If someone picks a trait, it cant be repeated.

           Example: John - Forgetful / Sickly

- You can elaborate as much as you want but any post must be, at least, 5 sentences long.

- The moderator (me) will be The Caretaker. The Caretaker is everywhere but has no direct impact on the story,  just sets the pace and moves the plot. It can be addressed as he exists in the story.

- As soon as everyone starts posting regularly, the total of characters will be set and those would be the players involved. Any other characters won't be included directly in the story and will be dying as casualties along the way.

- I will choose a killer from the characters. The killer will be notified by private message and will be immune to death unless he gets discovered.

- The plot will extend as much as need it so, keep it juicy.

Alliances can be made but, only if both agree.

- If someone gets whacked, is out of the story.

- The story ends at sunrise (possibly the duration of this challenge month).

- There are 3 possible outcomes:

           The killer whacks everyone.

           The killer gets some characters and escapes.

           The killer gets caught.

- No physical interactions will be made between characters unless approved by the moderator.

- Any questions, place it in The trading post or PM.


-Have fun-



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---- Intro ----


As the night gathers, the festivity came to a close. Some of the guests left early and the staying guests started to prepared their accommodations to spend the night at the gorgeous Manor. The staff cleaned every area before leaving as a terrifying storm started approaching.


The Caretaker checked every inch of the emptied rooms making sure everything was in order for the night ahead.

- This would be a rough night. Nevertheless an amazing evening for everyone.


He walked around the manor to check on the guests staying that night. A door leading to the enclosed back garden was open which was unacceptable. The garden was silent as a crypt. The variety of plants went from simple roses to dangerous poisonous plants. The Caretaker made a walk around before leaving as he saw a terrible picture. 


Hanging from some vines, a body was motionless. The sight was disturbing enough and he charged outside the garden looking for his staff. All of them were gone and the storm outside was roaring without end. He tried using the telephone to call the authorities but, the lines where dead. Uncommunicated and with no way to leave, he decided to call out all of the guests since there was a killer among them.


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Edgar -- strong and articulate, but quiet and not very social to the point of seeming angry and unapproachable.


Edgar is a drifter who, after a storm rolled in, decided to stay at the manor. He is bearded and clearly strong, with apparent muscles beneath his plaid shirt, and he speaks with confidence and grace in spite of his rugged appearance. He hasn't spoken much, not even of where he came from or where he is headed, only that the storm was too much to continue on his journey. He carries a backpack with some clothing, camping supplies, a tattered copy of the Bible and a copy of East of Eden by John Steinbeck. A button clipped to the side of his backpack says, "Freedom -- to walk free and own no superior. WW".

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Who am I? -- My NF Character

Current Challenge: WolfDreamer Embraces His Wild Poet

Past Challenges: 


Winter is ComingWolfen Strengthens His Heart, Body, Mind, and Spirit, Wolfen Becomes One of the PeopleWolfen Strengthens His ChakrasWolfen Welcomes Summer and Gets Primal, Soulcon and Spartan, Wolfen Develops Mental ToughnessWolfen Joins the Wander SocietySoulcon, Spartan, School, and Stranger ThingsWolfen Becomes a Warrior EliteWolfen Goes Here and There and Back AgainWolfen Becomes a Soulcon Warrior EliteWolfen Returns to His RootsWolfen Wanders in Soul, Spirit, and BodyWolfen Owns the DayWolfen Searches for His Wild Heart, Wolfen Runs for His LifeWolfen Hits the TrailsWolfen Becomes an Explorer and Joins the ResistanceWolfen Goes Back to the SourceWolfen Begins the Hero's JourneyWolfDreamer Returns to the People,  WolfDreamer Pushes BackWolfDreamer PrioritizesBurpees, Books, and BrainworkBurpees, Books, Brainwork, and BodyworkWolfDreamer Masters the Four ElementsWolfDreamer Continues to Master the Four ElementsWolfDreamer Returns to SpartaWolfDreamer Returns to Middle EarthWolfDreamer Continues His Middle Earth AdventureWolfDreamer and the FallWolfDreamer Forges His Own PathWolfDreamer Has HopeWolfDreamer Returns to Middle EarthWolfDreamer Reads Harder, Breathes Harder, and Journals More

I'd rather sing one wild song and burst my heart with it, than live a thousand years watching my digestion and being afraid of the wet.” -- Jack London

“I wanted movement and not a calm course of existence. I wanted excitement and danger and the chance to sacrifice myself for my love.” -- Leo Tolstoy

"I feel love rising in my chest again
Rising like a burning sun into the day..." -- Gungor, "Hurricane"

"...wherever the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom." 2 Corinthians 3:17b


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