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Nerd Fitness Meetup Ideas

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Hey everyone!


I would love to start up a semi frequent meetup in my area. But before I do, I was hoping to get some feedback from the community. So I thought I would start a general thread to start a conversation about ideas for hosting a meet-up. (Sorry if there is already a thread for this, but if there was it doesn't look like it was posted recently)


What exciting/cool/fun things would make for your ideal Nerd Fitness Meet-up?



(No drugs allowed)


For those that have hosted a meet-up before, what did you do?

For those that would want to go to a meetup, what would you want to do?


Ultimately, my goals are something along these lines:

  • Ultimately I would like an event that everyone is excited to go to.
  • I would like to keep it free to everyone, though I don't think people generally mind paying 10-15 bucks if it is a fun thing to do. (I would be ok even floating some of the cost, but only so much)
  • Family friendly is a bonus
  • People of all fitness levels should be able to attend and participate, or if not it needs to be clearly communicated
  • Probably keep it to a couple of hours unless it is a multi part event (like a hike followed by lunch where they can come to one or both things)


Here are a few of my activity ideas which could be mixed and matched, preferably mixing a fitness activity with a non-fitness activity:



  • Meet at park or trail for a hike.
  • Group class (coordinate an instructor or all hit up a class that is open to all)
  • Local brewery does an ":Ales and Asanas" yoga event on Sundays, probably more events like this
  • Sync up with a local "fitness" day (community has health fairs with free classes and activities a few times a year)
  • Ropes course
  • Super Hero Dance off


Non Fitness

  • Dinner and/or drinks
  • Game night (bars, coffee shops, and breweries do these often)
  • Meet at an arcade
  • Cooking class
  • Geocaching outing
  • Laser Tag



Also, it would be cool to also have some sort of contest/game/scavenger hunt with some NF swag of some sort or books or memberships to give out (because people love free things).


Not sure what group size to expect. I know there are 5 or so rebels in my area that are active in some sort of NF program and more that are at least followers of the blog.  I'm also about an hour away from bigger cities with more people. If it is planned ahead, I would also hope to get some people from surrounding areas to drive in.


If you have any feedback, please chime in!

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