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Laghail Murders Buddha in the Face


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January 05, 2005


After a brief mental health hiatus, I'm back in business, reps flailing and diet accidentally in a fully compliant paleo spot.


January 12, 2005


In person community building is trucking right along and I'm even finding some odd moments of not-unhappiness. It's an odd feeling.


January 17, 2005


This challenge is about doing the things that make for more moments of not-unhappiness; sleeping (sleep log in hours, no two consecutive days of <= 6 hours) and fitnesspal logging (daily, post the macros n shit here).


January 18, 2005


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Image result for you're still weak

May Br0din bless you with mighty gains, and may your shaker bottle always be full.



...and, if you die...  Walk it off - Captain America


Level 13: 1/4 Giant Warrior

STR - 50 | DEX - 19 | STA - 19 | CON - 14 | WIS - 28 | CHA - 24

My food logging is here*: MFP: tyrsnbdr


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2 minutes ago, Chimichanga said:

Please tell me you're bedazzling your drum.  Please?


Also, I think "bedazzle my drum" is going to go onto my "awkward ways to ask for sex" list.

Me: "Hey baby, you wanna 'bedazzle my drum,' if you know what I mean."

Her: I don't know what you mean, I never know what you mean, and the non-stop sexual innuendo with cryptic references is tearing us apart. I can't be with someone who has to creep me out to become aroused."

Me: "So... that's a no on the bedazzling the skin of your flesh drumhead then?" 


Also yeah, I got a black drum and imma paint it up with occult symbols in lifting chalk - like the one below


Image result for chalk man

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