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hi, i'm your basic 39-year-old engineer. i have never done a deadlift and i've been out of shape pretty much my whole life (except for my brief stint in DC, where i had to walk everywhere constantly). i want to get physically fit because i want to feel better and i don't think people take me seriously.


i have a gym membership through my health insurance but i've only gone five or six times. i want to learn how to lift weights. i also just signed up for a jiu-jitsu class this week because all the grappling and throwing fascinates me to no end. i'm planning on doing a bunch of the NF challenges in the next couple of weeks instead of what i normally do, which is watch TV, scroll endlessly past mindless drivel on twitter and play video games.


i've been walking with light weights every day for the last week and i ran a short distance twice in the morning before work. i'm hoping i can keep up this momentum and become one of the "after" photos used to sell memberships on this website.



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Hi and welcome! :D

What do you do as an engineer? 


I think that we have similar issues with mindless scrolling of social media and other useless stuff :P I want to work on that here, so if anything of my content will help you, I'll be more than glad :) I'm a web developer and I also sometimes feel like people don't take my words seriously or just don't understand my interests.


Good luck on keeping up the momentum! You have a new follower :D

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Hey there Sleaze! I'm so glad you found your way here - and trust me, mindless social media scrolling is something that we all struggle with!! Jiu-jitsu is super cool and I'm so glad you signed up for a class - have you made your way over to the Monks Guild yet?


We're about halfway through a cycle of 4-week Challenges (we'll be starting a new one on May 21), so you are welcome to jump in and do a short challenge, or watch and learn and jump in on the next cycle, whichever feels best for you.


Here is the link to the current challenge forums, if you'd like to start nosing around!




Again, welcome welcome welcome!! I'm so incredibly glad you're here!


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