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Mindfulness class vs my practice

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Hello! I did this introduction to mindfulness course and I found that when I meditate in the class the following day is pleasantly long and I don't have to rush to do all the things I love to do. I have clarity and purpouse. I can concentrate.

If I do the practice at home (30m/1h per day) I have moments of clarity afterwards, but for how much I try, I can't reach that deepness and all is lost as soon as I go to bed.

Both meditations are done in the evening and I am longing for that sensation!

Any tips on deepening my practice at home?

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I do something called cleansing and it basically challenges one to put their body in various positions of discomfort allowing for neural adaptations to happen. This enables one to unlock new thresholds. Majority of movement is conscious, so the mind/body connection is there already. However, this marriage needs to be developed and strengthened constantly and the only way to do that is by putting your body through pain and struggle. 

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