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My second challenge

Rebel Dan

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I think my first month trying to learn and follow the NF philosophy went really well. There were several ups, and a few downs during my first challenge. One of the things I have learned is not to beat myself up for the failures, just continue to try to learn why I failed, and make changes for better success next time.


My main goal is weight loss during the coarse of my first challenge I went from my starting weight of 277 up to 279 over the first couple weeks. Then last couple weeks went down to 275 as I zeroed in on a couple things better. Then I got a little sick, and went back up to 277. /sigh ANYWAY, not letting my self get discouraged I remember well what helped me get to the 275 that was daily walking up to 6000 steps a day by doing a 30-40 minute walk after work, and eating salads/roasted veggies instead of nuking popcorn or eating ice cream. 

As far as dinners, and lunches go I think I have that zeroed in pretty good. Breakfast is a issue..


GOALS this challenge

1. walk every day - get those 6000 steps! 


2. stop the popcorn madness - eat salads, and veggies.


3. BW work out 2 A, B on a every other day schedule. (skipping side planks till ive mastered front planks)


4. reduce diet pepsi consumption to 1 can a day.


5. wake up 35 minutes earlier each day to have time to make eggs, and go for 20 minute walk.


Expected RESULTS

1. lose 5-10lbs


2. hold front plank for 30 seconds


3. 10 bw squats with no assist bar



1. $50 towards buying fun stuff on my phone.

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I think I need to re-evaluate my wake up 35 minutes early EVERYDAY to walk, and do breakfast.


Lets make that just on my days off or on the days I work my Graveyard shifts for now :)


So far though, accomplishing all the other goals ok. I was a definite mental battle not taking a soda to work with me. I am saving for tonight when I get home. 

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Got my front plank up to 21 seconds! 


Doing very good on the walking, getting 6-7000 steps a day. Before, I started trying was only getting about 1,500. 


BW workouts going well, and on schedule. (think im gonna try my boss fight at the end of this challenge)


Failing on the NOT eating popcorn :( - still trying to figure out how to break this habit. Trying not to beat myself up over this to much, my refrigerator broke this week and its been difficult to have veggies around. Hopefully it will be fixed by Friday /crosses fingers.


Did good having breakfast, and morning walks on my two days off.

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