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Non-runner signed up for a 5k fundraiser.

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So I recently agreed to take part in a 5k run as part of a fund raiser in July/August - the final date isn't set. I'm basically a non runner but wouldn't consider myself a couch potato. I work in a kitchen 10+ hours a day and can comfortable walk in excess of 20 miles without much issue. As such I've picked up the NHS Couch to 5k App and started on week two. I've done my first two runs without too much issue. Its a challenge but I'm recovering pretty fast. Obviously I have a deadline now and I was wondering if it would be sensible to try to speed through doing a run every other day cutting it down to about 5 weeks to complete the training, plenty of time to give myself an extra day to recover here and there when I need it. Or is this just asking to risk injury?


Currently I'm doing warm up walk 5 mins; 90 secs jogging, 2 mins brisk walk x5, 90 second jog and cool down walk. I'm boarding on a stitch towards the end of the last two runs but pretty much recovered after the cool down and have energy to spare then.


Any advice or tips to increase efficiency would be much appreciated!

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If you're in fairly decent shape(and it sounds like you are), I don't see a reason why you can't do that. You're still giving yourself a rest day between each run. I'd say go for it and kick some ass. Getting to 5k is really more mental training than physical. You'll be fine :)

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I'd suggest seeing how it goes. A slight acceleration of the programme without running on consecutive days seems like a reasonable approach for the early weeks of C25k, but I'd suggest reviewing it as you go and being alert for any twinges or tweaks, and perhaps drop back to the recommended 3 runs per week later in the programme, especially if it turns out that you have a bit more time once the fundraiser date is settled.


This is my favourite article in terms of an explanation about new runners and injury risks.



Best of luck!

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