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Getting the Mind-Muscle connection right

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Getting the Mind-Muscle connection right

Have you ever wondered, bodybuilders like Arnold, Flex Wheeler, Shawn Ray and many others are so committed to working out? How do they get it right every single time? Because they not only work out physically but also their mind is trained for it. They experience a feeling of euphoria. It is a feeling where the body and mind is in unison

Does this seem difficult? Let me tell you, it's not.

Here are 3 simple tips to getting the connection right!



1. Be positive- You can do it.

Arnold Schwarzenegger always believed that the immense power came from "channelling positive energy into his muscles during every exercise". Manier times we underestimate ourselves and end up giving excuses. These are not statements alone, there is scientific evidence to it stating that more positive your mind feels the productivity of the work done is much much higher.

Make your workout plan. Set a Goal. Believe in yourself that you can do it.

2. Warm-up

Take up any sport, players indulge in warm-up sessions before they begin to play.  Think of your muscles like rubber bands. If they spend the whole day sitting at a desk or working with your laptop, your rubber bands (Muscles) are not being used at all. Then, you start your workout by lifting heavy weights or sprinting fast where the muscles get pulled apart quickly and will snap resulting in muscle pain. This is exactly why you need a warm-up. It's a way of telling your body especially your muscles to loosen up. You need the muscles to be prepared for the workout session which is to start in a while. 

Yes, you might tell me that you don't have time to warm up, but let me tell you if you don't have time to warm up you probably don't have time to work out. 

A simple warm up will be:

  • 2-3 minutes of jump rope 
  • 15 body weight squats
  • 15 hip extensions
  • 10 forward leg swings (each leg)
  • 10 side leg swings (each leg)
  • 10-20 push ups 

3. Rest, Rest and Rest.

Rest? means no workout? 

You might be wondering why is this even on my list! 

Allow me to explain. In the process of being fit, most of us overdo our workouts. We keep adding exercises to our plans. You cannot have breakfast, lunch, and dinner together. Your stomach will certainly not take it. Similar there is a limit to how much your muscles and mind can take it for a session. Do not do it all at once.

Give your Mind and Muscles the rest it deserves.

A positive mind set, a warm up session, and proper rest is what it takes to get the balance right.

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