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Eating Late/ Lacking Diverse Foods/ milk?

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Here is a sample of what I eat in a day:


Breakfast: (kolo) Roasted grains like chickpeas, corn and seeds


Snack: Tea (used to eat bread as well but cut it out along with sugar in the tea)


Snack 2: coffee (no sugar)


Lunch: (Bilando) fermented meal made from the false banana tree with red beans (like kocho but not)


Snack 3: coffee (no sugar)


Snack 4: a banana (compared to 3 before)


10pm Dinner: Injera, Miser Wot or Potato Wot



mainly what I find difficult is that I get all my calories really at 10pm. When I wasn't aiming for a deficit this was fine since I just ate a lot all day long. 

Now, in order to not make MFP go into the red, I feel miserable and tired during the day, and then eat when I almost don't feel like it anymore.

However, 10pm is when we all get together to eat and I wouldn't want to miss eating with everyone.


also I used to add a little milk to my coffee but MFP got cranky. I don't know if I'm over thinking this app, but just how bad is milk for you?

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I drink mostly unsweet tea myself, but on the go, I go for the half cut. And I have sweet cravings I try to reserve for just after working out unless I need to amp up my calories before bed. Last night, I had two ice cream sandwiches.

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On 5/12/2018 at 12:35 AM, Judge said:

also I used to add a little milk to my coffee but MFP got cranky. I don't know if I'm over thinking this app, but just how bad is milk for you?


Over thinking the app.  Milk isn't bad for you unless you react poorly to milk.  It has calories, sure, but a splash isn't going to do much to you unless you're having gallons of coffee a day and somehow your splash is code for "A half gallon of milk with a splash of coffee."


There's nothing wrong with eating all your calories in one sitting, if you're okay with that.  It sounds like you're not, but the issue is a behavioral one, not a diet one.  Eat throughout the day to keep your body happy.  And at night have dinner with people, just smaller portion sizes or just have a beverage.  MFP is easy, but counting calories is very much a resource management game, in my eyes.  You need to plan things accordingly.  Unless you are exceedingly tiny, you can very easily have a moderately large dinner with tiny snacks throughout the day.


That said, deficits make you tired. It's the nature of the beast - you're literally running the body with as little external energy input as possible in the hopes it burns internal (fat) stores.  But that takes a lot of energy to breakdown and turn into usable energy, so you get cold and tired.


Try a bit of planning the night before.  Remember to drink water throughout the day.  And ultimately if you feel like crap and in danger, eat.  Screw MFP's warnings.  Health is more than just losing weight.

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